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Half full and everything that of the people some people look at as negative I can see the positive side and that's what comes out in the monthly debts would come down in the smile yes Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's news radio word is garden sideline the US ambassador to the E. you will testify to Congress next week that from his lawyer Sonya was blocked by the state department from appearing at a closed door deposition earlier this week he is believed to be a key witness to president trump's reported campaign to pressure Ukraine to investigate the bidens to man who'd been working closely with Rudy Giuliani now facing federal conspiracy charges I don't know those settlements though the president was photographed at Mar a Lago with left harnessing Igor from maybe there were clients of Rudy that there's really I just don't know a four count indictment alleges the two men scheme to illegally donate funds to a pro trump super pac the pair is also accused of donating to a congressman to enlist his help in pushing for the ouster of the U. S. ambassador to Ukraine that now former congressman Pete sessions says he urged the removal of Marie of on average because he heard from colleagues in Congress but she was quote disparaging president trump Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House and the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Ethiopian prime minister it goes to the Ethiopian prime minister for his efforts to achieve peace with neighboring Eritrea he signed a joint declaration of peace and friendship we have more now from correspondent Pam Falk the U. N. secretary general saying the winds of hope are blowing every stronger across Africa and that prime minister IBM it is one of the main reasons why climate activists gratitude Berg German chancellor Angela Merkel and activists in Hong Kong also rumored as possible winners but again the Nobel Peace Prize goes to Ethiopian prime minister abi up bad he receives it in Oslo in December nine thirty eight now and a Wall Street up today from Bloomberg to enter day sponsored by always health partners a health plan that put you first good morning Andrew one of them so far plenty of string for wall street's main indexes were up about a percent and a third right now Dow gaining three hundred thirteen points nasdaq up a hundred eight as to be five hundred thirty five as hope springs as US and Chinese delegations meet in Washington the president is going to be with the vice premier of China today as the two countries continue to talk trade and some hope and end terrace in a sign of possible progress in talks to end the now we're up monthly month roughly monthlong auto workers' strike against GM it S. said its latest offer in a letter to the United auto workers which.

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