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The grand prize of one million dollars what color is no white house i know this is this i know his own five seconds oh switching to gaiko can save you bunch of money on car insurance okay judges that's true kevin build our congratulations yaro what are you geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer he's gordon hayward the boston celtics forwardguard he joins us on behalf of dick's sporting goods and we'll have more on that coming up more your phone calls as well we welcome in the celtics star gordon hayward and i'm sure you probably tired of talking about your broken ankle and the injury in the recovery so all ask you what would you like to talk about today uh i guess we could talk about uh getting ready for christmas at my house we have two little girls them uh so they're they're they're pretty excited okay um who's your wife's got pick up the slack for your done she yeah she she definitely definitely does she's a gone a little winter wonderland crazy our health with with all the decorations um but it's uh she says it's where the girls i think it secretly for herself to look at do a favorite football team uh the cold o k and tough year over year animal down there yeah tough here did you ever meet andrew luck um i don't know if i've ever met him no.

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