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Baseball september baseball in october i want to it'll baseball nyg with yeah all right were guaranteed to have a little baseball october a regatta over first second and third okay traffic against with your point about playoffs yeah malcolm x over 20th have yet wrc watch base and that was it was fun last year i definitely think that of the three and a half games of because the brewers beat up the nationals yesterday 72 now you the brewers the three and a half the cubs they'd route two and a half a game of the second walk arts by the national league behind the colorado rockies hall rostrum hosea are you a tim matters in a strong outing from sacked rookie lucas giulio white sox went sixty two over tampa yesterday giulio striking out ten and seven strong innings cleveland the next opponent here in chicago on the south side beginning today a four game said the indians have won eleven straight games bears way running back jeremy lankford yesterday ucla overcomes the largest evidence school history they beat texas cnn 45 forty four in the final seconds after trailing by 34 points venus williams advances the us open quarterfinal yesterday in new york on events side tapsi raphael nidal number three roger federer part of today's fourth route action pga champion justin thomas in mark leach men will take a share of the lead into the final round of the dealt acknowledges championship today and stacy lew lewis took the lpga portland classic her first win in three years she is a suburban houston native and says she is donating her winnings one hundred ninety five thousand dollars to the hurricane relief efforts how close at vertical love hearing that good for her you know and there's a lot you know there's a lot of celebrities and stuff that are made donations i kinda like when i don't like when they're little more under the radar now to make the announcement but you know what things like this it just it just shows a rally of of support for those folks down there absolutely it's got a support your home be that come out to.

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