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Got mad at me because i had them too low. Initially i you know. I just think there's the tentative plan is for them to start with jimmy garoppolo and a lot of people a month ago. Were saying there's no way the jimmy garoppolo is going to be on the roster. Well he's still on the roster to this point they can. They can keep him on the roster from a salary cap standpoint and i think that they probably will help i mean the thing about trae lances that he had like three hundred and twenty career dropbacks in college. You know like patrick mahomes in the nfl last year. Dropped back to pass like six seven hundred times. You know so trey. Lance is just very raw in underdeveloped. And i think he's gonna be the quarterback for the forty niners sooner rather than later. But i don't think that's gonna be in week one. And i. I do think the foreigners are probably gonna carry jimmy garoppolo in and have them opened the season as their starter but if he plays anything like you did last year and even before the high ankle sprain he was he he did not play well. Then it's going to be the Treatment show yeah. I mean one thing that you can do in best ball and i think hers is actually writing an article about this as as we speak. As you take two quarterbacks one of them being a good one you know docker cuyler or lamar or whoever and then you also pair him. With one of those rookies in an ambiguous situation such as trae lance and then yet your fine for the first five or six weeks you have such a option. You'll be totally fine. And then hopefully trae lands or justin fields. Whoever rookie you take gets in there. Four weeks eight through the end then. You have to really elite options which we think. We'll both be rushing. Quarterbacks and fields were lance there so i like that strategy for sure Okay let's move to this Austin ekeler as album kamara thing. I find it funny on twitter. You know and everybody wants to say. Oh you know So many options on coaches plug and play. Joe lombardi was the saints quarterbacks coach so of course you know now that he's charged ions coordinator will also decker is going to be camerin. And oh anthony. Lynn was just coaching austin ekeler. So now swift is going to be austin ekeler. Michael floor he coach. George cato chris herndon his is george kittle role. You know. I don't know how much we want to extrapolate that stuff. Obviously the herndon kit one is laughable But i do think that ecuador as chimera makes the most sense out of all of these Skill in terms of how they should be used. What do you think about all his rhetoric around the actor playing album chimera for justin herbert and joe barton. Austin ekeler is i. i don't care about that. Like austin ekeler is doesn't need to be alvin kamara like he s. He's gonna go out there and crush. She crushed when justin herbert when when he came back from his injury last year. In just in. Herbert was in there. He crushed the year before that when you when he's healthy for the full season i mean. He was a league winner that year. Even though i mean we do we do. We hear from can't run between the tackles twitter anymore. I haven't heard from them in a long time. But i i mean just austin ekeler is gonna crush. It's not because he's alvin kamara. Yeah i've seen love austin ekeler. I i love where you have him ranked also i believe in the latest one. Fifty m ahead of nick chubb ahead of cam. Akers ahead of joe mixon. Yeah i i like being higher than market on austin ekeler if we can for sure i know a lot of people are very high on austin ekeler. News out of the dolphins camp is that too says. His hip feels ten times better. That's a lot. I mean to us was not great last year But you can see past him be so much better. You get the hip ten times better. You learn the playbook like one of the stories. Coming out of this minicam was that two of said. He was never completely calling plays last year. You give him. Jim waddell give him will fuller. I'm not sure how explosive to it could be for fantasy because he's not exactly a pure runner. I don't know if you have a lot of three hundred yard games. But he's certainly gonna be way way better than for real life. I think to is going to be way better. We've talked about him. plenty. I know you have the longshot. Mvp tickets on to make you feel good that he says his hip is ten times. Better even the playbook last year etcetera etcetera. It's all things are looking up for two right now. Yeah he probably should've known the playbook last year but Yeah i mean. I think that that's one of the reasons that he struggled. He didn't feel comfortable. You know it's so important for a quarterback to feel comfortable. That's why quarterbacks that they throw the ball so much better from an efficiency standpoint when they are not under pressure you know. They tend to play better at home than away. Because they're more comfortable at home. You know and you know all all these different data points. Indicate that comfort level is so important for a quarterback and to a clearly wasn't uncomfortable. And i'm sure that part of that remember. His injury was compared in some circles to bo jackson's hip injury. I mean it was a hip dislocation and fracture. A lot of people thought that he should just sit out the entire season. You did go in there and get some experience. I think he was largely negative experience. But i think the dealt with the dolphins have done is is really smart by china trying to increase his comfort level by devoting a lot of resources to not only as pass catcher core but also drafting the second round right tackle liam aiken bird I think their offensive line is young. And it's going to be better this year to be clear in one quarterback fantasy leagues. I don't think too is a great pick. You haven't mccue be twenty one right now. Obviously pretty far off the radar in one. Qb leagues but in two qb leagues. I like to a as being above market onto if you can into leagues and stuff like that. Dynasty to qbc reflects type spots. Also i do a do a sneaky. Stacks article each year for etr. And i think the dolphins are going to be a sneaky stack where you know you draft like like devante parker going really late and like like nine ten turn I think you're sick is also really cheapie. Actually had the most targets and receptions on passes thrown from last year He's really cheap and drafts will fuller. I don't think it's going to be terribly expensive. Myles gaskin was the pr eight when he was healthy last year. You know he was a usage monster and he doesn't have a ton of competition either. So and i know that some people like like salvin on med as he's probably gonna be their change of pace back you know. But they're they're going to be an interesting team like an interesting team stack. That is going to be very affordable and dress yet. I like that too. Leonardo did a stream a couple of weeks ago draft that we did set up. The dolphins stack is so so so cheap laugh. I want to touch on quickly. I don't think there's really matters too much but obviously at all these rookie minicamp stairs hype on the rookies. There's guys saying all this guy. Looks great cornell. Powell is one of them out of chiefs camping. The only reason i bring it up is because he's attached to patrick mahomes. We don't think very highly of buyer pringle or demarcus robinson. Do you think there's any chance that cornell howl can somehow be relevant in year one for the chiefs when we did.

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