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The morning back now, 14 till President Biden will face a divided nation for his second State of the Union address, a country still dealing with inflation, a split Congress, and concerning issues of a national debt. Baggage many democratic lawmakers are trying to distance themselves from. Here's correspondent Jennifer King. A majority of Democrats now think one term is plenty for Joe Biden, despite his insistence that he plans to seek reelection in 2024. That's according to a new poll from The Associated Press, norc center for public affairs research. It shows just 37% of Democrats say they want Biden to seek a second term. Down from 52% in the weeks before the midterm elections, follow up interviews with poll respondents, suggest the 80 year old's age as an issue. Biden is already the oldest president in U.S. history at the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Biden has an opportunity to confront doubts about his competence to govern Jennifer King, Washington. A controlled release of hazardous materials began yesterday and east palestin, Ohio, sight of a Friday train derailment that corresponded Clayton Neville tells us, remains active and dangerous. 5 of the train cars that derailed late Friday were carrying vinyl chloride, which can be used to make plastic that a cause for major concern is the wreckage is sprawled out in the threat of explosions is very real and we had to weigh different risk. With no great choices. Ohio governor Mike dewine said there's a serious concern about a possible explosion. They describe an explosion as potentially catastrophic. Officials opting for a controlled release, essentially an explosion created by responders, supposed to a spontaneous blast caused on its own. The governor ordering nearby residents who ignored evacuations to this point to get out of the area. We are again as sending out the Ohio State highway patrol and sheriffs and other law enforcement to this area. Urging people to leave. The controlled burn started yesterday afternoon in a plume of smoke was visible from a distance schools obviously are closed in the area and the evacuation zone stretches about 1.2 miles near the Pennsylvania border authorities in that state also on high alert and in communication with officials in Ohio. I'm Clayton nettle. 11 till on America in the morning, I'm John trout, as the death toll dramatically rises in turkey and Syria over 4000 now from the strongest earthquake to hit that region in over 100 years. The ground also shook in western New York, where the largest tremor since 1999 was felt, waking up startled residents, but not causing any apparent major injury. More on the story from correspondent Julie Walker. The U.S. geological survey reports a 3.8 earthquake, hit the buffalo area around 6 15 a.m., the county executive tweeted it felt like a car hit his house. The shaking lasted a few seconds, seismologist Yara baltar wheel says it's not unusual preexisting fault lines and preexisting fractures throughout the geological time when they get activated that caused an earthquake. The earthquake occurred hours after a 7.8 quake hit turkey. It's a coincidence. They are not related. The seismologist says earthquakes happen all the time every day. Think of earthquakes like car accidents. You only hear about the most devastating one. All too well says the buffalo and turkey quakes were the strongest to hit the areas since records have been kept. Julie Walker, New York. The donor network created by billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch is preparing to get involved in the presidential primaries in 2024. Their network spent one of the most powerful and influential forces in American politics and is made up of a number of very wealthy conservative Republican backers. The New York Times is reporting the group, plans to take aim at Donald Trump, saying one of their goals is to turn the page on the past, and apparent message to the former president. The group, Americans for prosperity, released a memo to donors saying, among their plans, quote, if we want to elect better people, we need better candidates. 9 till, let's see what's happening in sports here's Robert workman. Klay Thompson hit 12 three pointers and finished with 42 points as the warriors ran away from the thunder last night, one 41, one 14. Kings ripped the rockets one 40 to one 20 Keegan Murray hit 8 trades on his way to a career best 30 points. Mavericks bopped the jazz and the clippers cut down the nets, despite 47 from cam Thomas in his first career start coming right after the Kyrie Irving trade. Really, I decided you know what I'm saying in a moment and when I do get my opportunity, let's try to make the most of it that I love. I want to go out there and look at it. Irving is expected to be in uniform tomorrow when the Mavericks take on the clippers. Bucks blasted the blazers for their 8th straight win. Bulls rush past the spurs, saint Antonio has dropped 9 in a row. Wins for the Celtics and Cavaliers. Purdue remained atop the college basketball polls, despite losing to Indiana on Saturday. A week after becoming the first unanimous number one of the season, the boilermakers got 38 of 62 first place votes from the writers and 15 of 32 knots from the coaches. Houston got the lion's share of the other number ones to move up to second. Last night, number 9, Kansas blew a 14 point first athlete, but got it together and beat number 5 Texas to tighten up the big 12 race. Number 19 Miami drug duke, leading wire to wire. NHL, the Panthers bolded past the lightning 7 one all star MVP Matthew kuchuk had two goals and three assists to start the second half of the season. Wins for the islanders, rangers, Devils stars, and coyotes, and the Madden NFL 23 official simulation says the eagles will win Super Bowl 57, 31 17 over the chiefs. Of course, the video game has been wrong four of the last 5 years. That's Tuesday sports. Thanks, Robert. 7 till coming

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