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Saint joe chapel of course it's not really free because the people pay for but it's there it's all paid for at windsor castle georgia's chapel at windsor castle for the ceremony saint george's great hall for the couple's first reception and frog more house for their second smaller reception for close friends and family members which would be elton john i'm sure he's tight with those guys is actually be available to the couple completely free since the royal family owns them whereas in the us average cost of a wedding venue in two thousand seventeen was bleep i want you to guests during the break and i'll tell you the couple will spend almost five hundred thousand on a tent to keep praying is in paparrazzi away so there's that half a million bucks on a tent how is that possible that's the the number that shocks me the most a tent a tent how can attempt cost that much money is that the labor to put it up six hundred people and it's not even to keep them out of the sun or anything it's a keep the paparazzi from taking pictures why not just let the paparazzi take pictures all right that's a dumb question because it's irritating there'd be drones flying over still a half a million bucks i i'm just curious i wanna see what kind of ten you can buy for half a million dollars are you gonna watch the wedding.

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