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Few years on the issues of guns he's been I don't know if that's what he believes she helps trump's visit adds value to the community now the latest traffic and weather together on ramp still closed on I seventy one seventy five north bound at the fort Mitchell exit exit one eighty eight an accident had the ram clothes from Dixie highway on two seventy one seventy five his forecasts from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com off in the area but we'll see a mostly cloudy skies sarpa clearing later on temperatures will be in the upper eighties today for tonight mostly clear sky the low drops down to sixty seven every Thursday we'll see of mostly sunny sky with a slight chance of afternoon showers and storms temperatures again finding their way into the upper eighties right now our temperature is sixty five degrees a local bank will be paying minimum wage workers even more this fall he says when they increase the minimum wage in January of last year from twelve to fifteen dollars an hour it resulted in a sixteen percent reduction in employee turnover now fifth third bank is raising the minimum wage again and we'll talk about forty nine hundred fifth third employees of which sixteen are those are Cincinnati area will have the biggest impact on Cincinnati of all of our markets the third CEO and chairman Gregg Carmichael says starting October twenty eighth their minimum wage will be eighteen dollars an hour he expects that they'll retain even more employees and also improve morale and overall customer service Rick you Chaigneau newsradio seven hundred WLW have other county a dog is euthanized after being beaten with a baseball bat the eight month old German Shepard was said to have been attacked by its owners neighbor the neighbor argues that they were protecting their family and property after the dog came into the yard the dog warden cited that neighbor Charles.

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