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Mike. Might the way I'm treating these human beings. But you can see that it works anything that will work anything that will get them to shut up do the work that and you see this thing happening, you'll becoming these just terrible person all in the name of getting them to show took in profit exam. And it's just but Israel's never of problems. Is there on those implants who's easy? We'd be doing it. Yeah. Right. So what's next for you? What's on your radar? What's in your inbox? Yeah. The things I'm currently paying attention to is. It's refund tring, I'm really interested. In me, functioning, you know, the detail of how you do that. So Martin Fowler's just published the second additional the reworking of his original refunding book. We've still degree the horse way. We're kind of going through that. But I'm hoping I'm putting together some content which is going to go up on lot in sight with concrete examples of rings. And that's coming out of the front to personal projects on the goat won't is. I writing a piece of accounting sofa. Luckily, my benefit for anybody else. It's not generalize. -able? I am. It's it's a way of making the amount of time that I spend on accounting, personal Kensington. Let's all Siwa. I'm just meeting joined writing the coach, and I you know, not enjoying doing it plays. It's test-driven. And it's you know, it's it's mine that code by on. I kinda love it very on on Deng consciously paying attention to the refashioning on doing and thinking how can become a little person I can use these teaching teaching his ankles for the people and animal said kind of on a similar tit. I've got another piece of software which is a overlap so it so I find out an inch is the kind of puzzle game that I love to play road. So I designed my own puzzle guy. And that's it's all talk about that, actually guess so that's the next thing. That's coming up is all be speaking to but worth. Yes. So I might not come out in time. I'm spe-. Taking ATC which is European testing comf- invente, which is the thirteenth to the fifteenth of February. I think I'm going to be talking that about TD pairing TD hasn't test driven development. And specifically in the context of this puzzle out, which originally actually, very originally Newson? I who's in the remainder wonderful loose. Listen, I pads on it. And then we realized that it wasn't really fulfilling the purpose. We originally intended as a T mental relationship. So then it became my checks. And then I and it just became this phone thing that I was doing. But there was a big problem, which was the I was the user was playing the game on. I was in joining the guy. I wanted new features. And I wanted them now. And then the other big problem was that this is not I'm not I this is just a hobby. I'm not doing it during working hours, which means I'm doing it lights at night on the weekends. I'm creating three o'clock in the morning. I might just wanna go to bed so on causing kunas. I thought more and more and more writing code without tests and harder and harder to factor because I didn't have any test coverage free AM code is never. Igbo features. And I'm going to get a game in the bed. PM to yourself. The programmer..

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