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Invoices Network House. Impeachment managers wrapped up their opening arguments in the impeachment case against Donald Trump on Friday imploring the Republicans in the Senate to do the right thing by holding a fair trial members of this body. Face the most momentus of decisions not as I said at the outset between guilt and innocence but a far more foundational issue should there be a fair trial. Shall the house be able to present. Its case with witnesses and documents through the use of subpoenas as has been the case in every impeachment trial in history. Now the president's lawyers have been making their case outside of this chamber threatening coming to stall these proceedings with the assertion of false claims. A privilege having persuaded this body to postpone consideration of the witnesses and documents they now appear to be preparing the ground to say it will be too late to consider them next week but consider this of the hundreds of documents that we have subpoenaed. There is no cholera bill claim and none has been sorted to the degree that you could even make a claim that claim has been waved to the degree that even superficially officially a claim would attach. It does not conceal misconduct. And what's more to the degree that there were or a dispute over whether a privilege applied we have a perfectly good judge sitting behind me and powered by the rules of this body to resolve those disputes. And when the chief justice decides where a narrow application of privilege ought to apply apply you will still have the power to overrule him. How often do you get the chance to overrule a chief justice of the Supreme Court. You have to admit it's every legislators dream on Saturday. Trump's legal team began their opening arguments using just two of the twenty four hours. Their allotted allotted over three days. The Republicans tried to justify trump's actions towards Ukraine and smear the prosecutor's case and its lead manager Adam Schiff. Trump's attorneys are expected to wrap up their opening arguments on Monday. Not using either the full three days or twenty four hours available to them to make their case then comes questions. Senators have sixteen hours to question both sides over the course of a few days and after that at some point later this week nick will likely come another vote on whether to allow witnesses in new documents. As a Friday night it appeared the prospect of four Republican senators voting voting with the Democrats to allow witnesses and new evidence was dim with some suggesting an acquittal vote could take place as soon as Friday but that may all have changed changed on Sunday evening when the New York Times broke the news of the first details from John Bolton's soon to be published book. The room where we're at happened will be released on March seventeenth and claims among other things that trump told Bolton in August of last year that he wanted wanted to continue holding almost four hundred million dollars in military aid to Ukraine until the country helped with investigations into Democrats including. I'm Joe Biden. The Secretary of State is our nation's chief diplomat so you'd think he'd understand diplomacy but Mike pompeo couldn't even managed slight civility in an interview with NPR's mary-louise Kellyanne Friday people who work for you in your department people who have resigned from this department mm-hmm and under your leadership saying you should stand up. But I don't know I don't know who these unnamed sources are you referring to. I can tell you this source in your senior adviser Michael Mckinley. A career foreign service officer with four decades experienced who testified under oath that he resigned in part due to the failure. Failure of the State Department to offer support to Foreign Service. Employees caught up in the impeachment inquiry on Ukraine. I'm not gonNa comment on things that Mr Mckinley may have said they say only this. I have defended every State Department official. We've built a great team. The team that works here. He's doing amazing work around the world. marie-yvonne defendant every every single person on this team done. What's right for every single person remarks. Were you have defended Meriva. I've said all I'm going to say today. Thank you but it's what happened after the interview. That has others in the press corps spilling the beans on pompeo's thin-skinned and abusive behavior. I was taken to the secretary's private living room where he was waiting and where he shouted at me for about the same amount of time as the interview itself had lasted. He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine. He asked do you think Americans care about Ukraine. He used the F word in that sentence and many others he asked if I could find Ukraine on amount. I said yes us. He called out for his age to bring him in. Map of the world with no rating countries marked hough. I pointed to Ukraine. Put the map away. He said people will hear about those. Yeah and then he turned and city had things to do and I thanked him again for his time and left and from the. Isn't it ironic files Mike. Do you think Americans care about Ukraine. POMPEO is headed to Ukraine. This week in other explosive recordings released over the weekend left love. Parnassus is the gift that keeps on giving his attorney on Saturday released a recording from a donor dinner and twenty eighteen during which the president is is clearly heard ordering the firing of then. US Ambassador to Ukraine. Maria von Veg. Zero at.

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