President Trump, President Bush, Eric Garner discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Good morning. I'm no warm late. There were long lines of people in DC Tuesday waiting to pay their respects to President Bush was lying in state in the capitol rotunda, George W Bush will you Ajaz father at the National Cathedral at a funeral service at eleven this morning. President Trump will attend the service, but will not speak Bush biographer and presidential historian. John Meacham says Bush forty one may have disagreed with Trump. But he definitely wanted him at his funeral. He always had an extraordinary deference to and respect for the office. And the last thing he would want would be to embarrass or somehow caused any sort of pain to to the incumbent. President Meacham will also deliver a eulogy as will former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney and former Wyoming Republican Senator Alan Simpson special counsel, Robert Muller recommending no prison time for former Trump national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Moore says Flynn has provided substantial assistance in his investigations. Former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg says, well, that's good news for flim off. The government can move for a downward departure below the recommended guideline range if a defendant provides quote, unquote, substantial assistance, Flynn pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI in his sentencing memo, mower noted that Flynn should receive a light sentence possibly with no time behind bars. Eric Garner's family says it's taking too long. To get Justice for their son who died in two thousand fourteen after being put in a chokehold bein NYPD cop W O wars James flippin was with the families. They held a rally at city hall, Tuesday Justice. On Thursday at NYPD headquarters, the independent oversight agencies C C R B will prosecute officer Daniel Pantaleo during a disciplinary hearing. It comes over four years after the death of Eric garner. Who was being arrested on Staten Island? When an illegal choke, hold was allegedly used Garner's mother. Gwen Carr spoke of the emotions involved, while pursuing Justice. Anniversary come up Christmas coming up, and guess, I it she wants Pantaleo and all the other officers involved fired and says mayor de Blasio hasn't done enough James flippin for seven ten W O R one man killed another in the hospital after bullets flew on a Brooklyn street Tuesday afternoon. This man called police after hearing shots on the phone and call nine one.

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