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So i think that's that is so we're kinda on both sides of the equation here to a certain degree. But i think there's pros and cons on both but you as a business owner you know cmo vp of marketing. When you're making this decision. I just have to weigh both sides of the equation to a certain degree and i. I think there's value to both because we've seen it on both sides so but the point is you want to have that experience. You wanna be able to see all right. Do they have case studies. Do they have testimonials like not necessarily in my specific specific niche. Maybe if you do. Google you know montessori advertising agency or whatever it happens to be maybe you can find somebody in your specific niche and may be start there and then branch out after that. I don't discourage that point is they have to have that experience and it's not necessarily always the industry of the exact niche experience because of the you know the cross ponds ation of ideas angle. So let's get onto point number three here. And i think this is an important one for both of us is tracking and reporting on saying. It's number three because assuming it's going to be your number three but putting words in your mouth that is kind of an important one to have dialed in or would you rate that differently so this it gets really tactical and if you're not used to the digital marketing world you might hear that and go. Gosh y'all we're talking at a really high level a moment ago we we were talking about goals and direction in whatever and then all the sudden we just got really granular. And the reason for that is because mike's princeton. And i'd be interested ralph if you've had the experience when i look at failed campaigns which we do all day primary collection..

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