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In the first half eight thirty seven yard pitch catch from russell wilson took pole richardson and seattle berry bought chin field goal range now yesterday arbor they pay this drought look so easy it's been a struggle all all have to move afoot bobble russell wilson as a nice job with a little half roll back to protect your really three guys out there route and they would find it would have done a nice little whole the dropped the ball into paul richardson eight for nine for one hundred thirteen yards were for several russell wilson sorry bantei davis's stop it covers all nobody was looking back four some albert ceuta running behind him thirty seven yard field goal try and now chuck lagaan ole will use a time out his final time out to try to ice blair walsh we've got ice against seattle on one of the coldest games in nfl history to get away the road everybody got icicle we got ice we were there it was cold and he missed one for twenty three that cost the vikings a chance to advance to the playoffs at now blur walsh a member of the key that beat and his vikings that day lining up for a thirty seven yard or it much more comfortable conditions on the left hatch both holder is john ryan the snap go hold the kick by walsh and it is so good he missed it wide right it started curving adam warden notch straight now walsh missing for the first time this year this one goes wide right and the colts take a fivepoint lead in the locker room fifteen the ten indianapolis dodging a point bullet at the end of the first half jason you have a really did it are really nice first half for the that was goals but they played well percent has been under control while side of one interception if you look at a score the only touch sales score for the seahawks in this game came from their defense so still the offer the wolves are still there but the colts have done well put the points on the board heavily to have that's the end of the first half with the.

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