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The three figures wall. They stunned humanoid form three figures all appear to be humanoid. They're not detailed enough to the point where you can see features to differentiate between, you know, Elvin human half. Links seem to be the same three on each on HR. Is it just sort of silhouettes of it? Just silhouettes three figures. Onto Carr's voice ACA from across the way, she goes. These other chosen. She brings light over towards the one of a Toyota on the wall and goes. I guess that's mix. These one me. She takes her finger and kind of a little blood from the corner of the fight draws a little smiley face on one of the three. And is this one is you and goes and draws another face on the middle one. See the resemblance. The question is if that's you. That's me. Third friend. Question. You said you met only one other chosen before only my knees what happened to them. They. Very. Informative Patna one. They introduced me to the the great possibility of power unto guitar. These ocean quite an into of is to get but they proved to be count. They took took something important to mission and vanished. I've spent many years trying to cover what they stole. And with no luck, I figured it was no with my time to just pigeon coin to pay people to find them foamy. And so far based on the fact, I brought you to me much more successful than Devo. Indeed, this person that seemed to have shown you the live. Did you try to track them down? Do you know anything about them or where there might be? They would seem to be very useful current situation. It seems I may have some information. Let's get back to ship. That's finish up business yet. Let's talk the glass of wine. Well, we're obviously not in a huge rush. We have not explored all of this sees and she begins to make her way toward the well at the center of the chamber. Myself. He's writing of any kind Lansing about the pillars. You too can see within the shapes glowing runes that trace from ceiling to floor than across the ground and all meet at the well. And I read it with the comprehend languages that should still be cooking 'cause it's our long, but it's not clear language. These are ruins is our lifts of some kind. Narconon check. No. That is seventeen seventeen. These. There are different epochs in historical time in which there have been advances in developments of arcane runes socials. There is the early basis of magical runes, which is a deviation of draconic as a language, and then there are ways that they've been altered and made more efficient. These are very old base early Turkana kroons as such they hold a lot more. Very very primal, magical power usually lewd, usually reserved for larger rituals and Magic's that are meant to last for very long periods of time. The nature of the magic on these runs from what you can tell it's a little hard to get the direct essence. But there is some sort of an aberration based metric. I'm gonna go with the not the not the hydro the other the other creature that I killed all right over to the for the team as you approach and see the body lies their tongue rolling out. And drool and blood mixture of thick saliva mingling with the dark black purple blood out the corner of its mouth. It's is wide open and kind of rolled back. It's dark thick green scales. Snake like head and thick muscular scale, torso. All why limp across the stone where it was lane. You can see it's Belaid is cluttered the if feet from its grasp, and it's like, polished marvel and silver shield kind of scattered a few feet from its form the rest of it's tails, just coils and his limp off to the side from there. Just kind of rifle around looking for any sort of keys or. Twenty five. You find on its body twenty six pieces of gold. Only gold. No other pieces of coin on its body. The blade is a very very large blade..

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