President Trump, Mike Garrett, Jones discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Six seven three three seven and we go to jim in texas i jim younger on zero i thought in only yes right we're going to do what you're talking about here my gut showed us coming up this fall it's going to start was stout it's a direction verified by an start vision the president of ticket wait and i think it's the right out the outcome president it didn't hurt cap may just short mike garrett falling whatever and you talk about defense nation bang i kind of power it didn't hurt era he made now we're talking about this but it didn't hurt you have it you know but one person used to kick leader jones will become president then i like the designated than visors the designated president or something i don't know where they call this but yeah well yeah yeah there were david programming has for a woman president for some time and a black president for some time now they're programming us for cabot being destroyed there are their programming us for the somebody being voted on selected as you know marshall up hours are inactive because of a didn't their destruction of washing dc visit this is something that really crease me out because you know a few weeks ago we were talking about politically motivated assassinations a were talking about but the trump said what he spoke about the second amendment and the sabres supporters inferring or it indicate he did something about you know have a sassy hillary and then of course the hillary it helped seeing was in the in the news and now both hillary am trump are said to be healthy but there's us news world report comes out with what happens if one of them die or the sassy into drops off the ticket what's going to happen i don't know it's scary targets conch that you know there is a given.

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