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At lesbian, we're about to have the bullpen just not the new one for the Baltimore Orioles as you wanted to be having a perfect game, taking into the 9th thing by drew Rasmus said, while it's unable to complete it, but no doubt a very impressive start giving up one it over the course of 8 and a third dining streets and Adam gets the final two outs of the game. He was able to get the save. You wound up having these Cincinnati reds put up some big numbers, 8 to 5. They have taken down the Chicago Cubs as Keegan Thompson. That is difficulties on the road disable these, gives up four runs, it got 5 outs and I'm giving up all them run along the way as I see days Aquino was able to get his fourth hormone on season and not like Justin Dunn wound up getting her done for these Cincinnati rides. I will say that 5 runs are a 103 and two thirds innings, including a drill bombs as Yong Gomes gets at 6 o'clock in the season Christopher Morales 11th of Patrick was 21st, but Anderson Espinosa is actually about halfway decent on the console pen thus far this season. They need a length from. It was unable to deliver. It gives up three rounds over the course of two and two thirds eggs by Rucker. You mind giving up a run while getting 5 outs out of the bullpen curvy Castro, two squirrel zangs out of them, and then for Cincinnati. The bullpen was actually relatively solid. Martin, it's getting it out of the bullpen, all likes to see us under circling. They combine to go the final two adding squirrels and Joel kunal to squirrel settings, buck farmer, a squirrel is setting as the Cincinnati reds go for a 14 with men in scoring position. The DJI daggers have been all silent on offense for much of the season and continued on Sunday even against Lance Lynn. 5 to three, the final is Lin. He's giving up two runs over the course of 6 settings. He has been an uncharacteristically bad this season, but that wasn't too bad of the syrup punching out 7 from their Jimmy Lambert, Jake dieckman, they combined to be able to hold it down with two squirrel settings, a Kendall graveman, was able to give the team an enemy. He did wind up giving up a civil run along the way. Seth Rollins sees it, but able to get the save at cellular Alexander, he gave up three runs over the course of 5 innings going deep for the self ciders, HA Pollock, 7th or modern season, then Andrew Vaughn would get his 13th armor on season, and that comes off of Wally Peralta who's been very solid out of the bullpen this season, but gives up two runs. Visiting a work, Jason foley, Alex Lang, we're both able to give you 8 squirrels. Speaking of squirrels, and that's what the Philadelphia Phillies wound up getting elf once again on Sunday. They have nuts scored in their last 18s affiliates have 6 to zero. The New York metropolitans hold the Philly silent as Chris Bassett Eddie Oakland and sinker for 5 squirrel settings from their Trevor Williams to scoreless, Michael gibbons, wines of lending, a squirrel is saying and then you'll leave Rodriguez and erem out of you know, we're able to complete the 9th school list as a Phillies. We go, oh, if ten with men in scoring position, 12 men, lifetime base, just unacceptable right there.

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