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Hi and welcome back to coast to coast George dory with you were back with Steve Gorman our final segment and your phone calls so stay even if your in Madrid speaking to those United Nations group on climate change what would you be saying to them will be a tough one I'm not sure they wanna listen but they throwing tomatoes that you're wearing and probably you know it's the this is something that's going to play out over time is is we mention our number scientists and say we're in for some cooling for the next two decades that that has not started yet we're still in the gentle warming according to satellite data but there it's going to do it it's going to do and venturi these climate models are going to be way way out of whack so it's gonna be interesting the next decade or two to see what happens indeed indeed we've got one of our guests Robert Felix who believes were in a mini ice age already you're with us I think we lost them yeah although you are Steve can you hear me I can hear you okay all righty fell off I thought you were gone let's go to the there are a number sign is been predicting that for about a decade now and again as you say the this the sunspots or or going on the surface of the sun but the the satellite data from that I use from the Roy Spencer university of Alabama Birmingham shows were still in the general more warming and we're just gonna have to wait and see it hasn't turned around yet but again it's is small compared to the past we haven't discussed the past but the geologic evidence shows that one thousand years ago two thousand four thousand seven thousand years ago it was warmer than it is today all naturally warmer nothing to do with power plants are as you these even during the dinosaur here the carbonara dioxide level was huge you're right in the atmosphere and and some of that was in not only during the dinosaur area but we had some ice ages in the past only at very high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide ours are yell fire was weights are you done with that he disagrees with that but that's done and Michael take care of them let's go.

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