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To the wing fourth award leans in harry's shot rejected by bridges he went out of bounds still belong wisconsin 13 on the shot clock sixteen fifty to go first greg we made such a point of michigan state in their offense but when you lose focus sometimes the deepens they're holding opponents to 36 percent shooting they are the only team in the big ten conference holding their opponent the low forty percent and they're 36 bearup renamo both through the floor and so far the badgers are old for 5 from the field open this ballgame all right wing is a lean four backup topped the rat dates guarded tightly thereby josh langford fires up a three and wisconsin on the board of a three hundred by brand and at the south do they needed to go now but it was not a good work as a contested shot to be behind the 3point line but sometimes you need those shots but go 8 took a former michigan state with the ball out frontier in jacksonfever drives ruth rapid lepetit for that the glass all tapped out warning it down was winston for michigan state crosscourt pass squaring up four three and nailing it is josh length standard just run down nose loose balls though so athletic and warned and not only they're making a big boys but they're getting the 5050 loose balls in there so many times to see them lose balls long 3point offensive rebounds end up in foreigners josh were langford is a forty percent 3point shooter conquered quite sort of a detroit booking of and scoring there is charles thomas again boubaird meeting unsung guys disrupted here in high tom is not one of their more effective rapport players but a big way there lancker out front now a along free that will top of art no good as it was missed by jackson but again opted republish instead of taking the boards early necessary this time taken away as a password pick up by charles thomas juice with all down aides met the down six eleven applaud the right side dish kobegau i gleaned gordon eagerly what top the charlestown spouse to brad they tried to drive in a step back lil stephen world so he knocks a day out in wisconsin fighting back toward eleven.

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