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They're very sticky situation because now if McHale has rights to Mecca. Right. Then why doesn't Dan have rights to brace in? Because it's kind of the same situation. But does Mikhail have rights to that? I don't know. That's what I'm saying. Where's the thing? I think that Kayla got pregnant by someone that is a bad person. Whatever. Right. And so it's like, okay, well, McHale is obviously the dad. Right. Mikael is insecure about it. Like Dan was. Right. But there's no real right. That's what I'm saying. And I think that that's why Kayla gets so touchy about it. Like, you know, the person is a terrible person. Why would you say that to me? Well, she puts on the biggest hoops I've ever seen. Ever. They're knocking at her elbows. Mikhael and Dre go to eat and Kayla basically wants him to SnapChat her all day long about what he's doing with Mecca, every minute that he's with Mecca. Listen, they're at a hook and reel. I just want to say this. Everywhere I've gone lately is a hook and rail. They're building everywhere here. There's money? Off the block from my house in the shopping center. I know what you're talking about. There's one on rockaway boulevard too. Now there's one on sunrise highway too. They're like everywhere. And I saw that they went in there. I was like, that's the place to everywhere. Oh my God, I didn't even connect it. Yeah. Well, also so Kayla went into check in, but he also said that she doesn't trust him because he has bitches. And now I'm like, I hate you both. Okay, I do hate them both. I think that Kayla is kind of like, I guess like helicoptering. Sure. And Mikhail is not responsible. So they both have their. That's what I'm saying. There is a reason for both of these things. Yes. So they're meeting to make a plan and they just basically don't respect each other, but Mikhail brought a notebook. Nikhil, stopped at Staples real quick. I.

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