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Backward David Spangler, techno elemental. Terrible, horrible. You can't put a crash Siebel in a full loop. Aaron, come on. I didn't know that well, they go every day as all saying before the break, you've go to go deep and what he looks for. He calls the Goldilocks zone. See, you know how we have this concept of the habitable zone. It's the distance from our sun will the distance from a stall where it's woman off not to call. You know, not too hard. It's perfect. It's the perfect place for life to exist. So this is kind of kind of what he's looking for in these subtle dimensions, and he goes into how all self organizing systems have this Goldilocks zone, which actually ties into intriguing new developments in philosophy, and even the physics understanding of the intelligence of plants for example, yes, there's this new understanding that the cell focusing systems may be old as needed for consciousness to exist. That's at least where we are the counting edge of Al in modern science. But he then talks about the concept of identity and how this creates have boundary of some nature that separates at. Self from the flow of energy around it. Now that sounds super airy-fairy and confusing. But he uses an analogy to try and explain this bed with me. He says, imagine a river and as it flows a branch lies across the river Bank and dips into the water and where dips into the river eight impedes the flow of the river. So the water becomes turbulent in the area around the branch and eighty will form and the Eddie is shape. It's a, it's a presence that assists, even though the water is flowing around as long as the branches there. This manipulation, this eighty in the flow of the river will bay the same as he examines his sofa and goes into a deeper perception. He starts to come across this patent. Now he says, this is where he experiences the sofa as something living. It's not in a biological way, but it's a unique configuration of sentence. He says. Is now back to the the metaphor of the river. So the branch that's in the water that's in the river, that's creating this Eddie. You know, the energy flowing around it the the branch in this instance, is the human imagination that created the sofa. So whoever was the designer came up with the the drawings of the plans for the sofa. Yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah, I get that. He says this creative imagination foams a framework of intent around which energy begins to organize itself. It provides the matrix for a patent of living energy to Tyke foam associated with the physical form of the sofa. I kind of get it, but it's like the design a- obviously didn't have intention to create life. It was just simply or was just as awning a allowance or sofa, but somehow that has in another dimension created a foam. Yeah. The access to kind of the Spock I find this. I thought that was such an amazing metaphor to us, and I think this is so fundamental to this topic and and it's so interesting to hear it explained this way because we've been trying to understand the connection between Al forts, our will, and our intention and the, you know, the designer or the creator, or the oddest and the metaphysical Nitra of their creation. Whilst the relationship, what's the connection will the way his explaining it is that that will, and that intention becomes the structure around which consciousness in life develop. It's no different to the creation of topa which will only just recently talking about is possible that you are creating. I mean, obviously someone who's thinking about creating topa they're not creating anything that's physical and yet somehow manifest in the physical, but maybe it applies to anything. Anything that you imagine what you'll brain of. Sorry with your mind is probably a better way to describe it. Anything you imagine with your mind does create something tangible. In other reality and this has far reaching ramifications. When you think about things like bias Intrum. Yeah, because it's like you are creating the reality you'll brain you'll mind creates. You'll consciousness creates reality on so many different levels that you can't even see. I love this line where he says, the mind creates the matrix for patent of living energy to take full, and he says, look, when he looks at this energetic shape this consciousness of the sofa, it's not terribly complex. It's not flexible..

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