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Kim jones back with you here on the fan eight oh five we will get back to your calls in just a moment dom smith has homered three straight games for dominic smith but for him met have a one nothing lead that is certainly not delete that essay as we know the new york matt cope long way to go in philadelphia tonight i am so happy right now is christy their p i'm getting two thumbs up on the other side of the glass terrific christie acker who covers the new york yankees formerly covered the mets so maybe we'll get a question or two in there for christie but christy nice enough to join me now after a day game today at the stadium christie how are you i'm good how are you i am absolutely terrific are you going to london aileen tomorrow morning are you excited i am i think it's going to be interesting to see everything that goes on it'll be interesting yeah i'm excited yeah it's going to be the dimensions of that park are something kristie that actually i to call her a saturday or two ago who was really into it and i thought well you know callers have different you know things that they're interested in but now that we're getting closer to the games i do think that sort of thing is going to be fun because it certainly isn't fenway and we know it's not yankee stadium so all of it i think we'll be kind of interesting like you said especially for just two days yeah i mean it's thinking about baseball such a team or like players are into their daily routines there weekly routine their teams and this is completely out of the norm i mean they're having two days off and then they're playing two games and they have another day off i mean this is just var- that yes so it's gonna be interesting to see that it's interesting to see how they react when they come back you know these teams are expected to be battling for the a._l. lease the rays are playing great you know the yankees have to come back play the match and then go down to play for against the race it'll be interesting to see if there's like you know if there's a hangover her if this even factors into the race christie this though was probably as good home stand as the yankees ever could have hoped for in fact well i know they have high expectations but maybe they hoped for it but a great homestand beat up on the raise beat up on the astros swept of course the blue jays who couldn't hold lead today i would think the worst Thing that happened on this homestand Christie was Giancarlo Stanton, reinjuring, or getting injured again this time the knee. absolutely and nobody find this coming had lost eight out of eleven they're coming into this it was a little concerning and it was interesting to see how they responded to the astros because they really you know those first three games they were really ready for them rising and that was a good scientific fans and the worst thing yeah you know that's not a good sign for stan i know that you know he had that had an issue got hit on his lessening in rehab and that caused a cash strain i mean he's had so many injuries already this year it it it's concerning for now it's gotta be concerning down the road to yes definitely would agree with that was their concern after the game christie about james paxton today he is certainly not giving them length very often at all today again didn't get out of the fifth and didn't look great the time he was in there any concern about about him in particular aaron boone is never going that i mean he is and it plays well in the clubhouse he has faced players how much does concerning i mean the ball flying it's hotter so the ball flying more you know their packs and seems to have these ups and downs where i mean i haven't seen him go through a dominant streak yet where he can you know keep it going you know the knee has been a problem he has a history he doesn't get he's because you know injuries and it wasn't asked today if there is a physical problem they said no so yeah it's something definitely to keep your eye on and you know that's a major concern for them because they don't have starting pitching that's giving them any depths right now soccer tanaka crissier are you in the camp like like a lot of us here at the fan including callers who believe brian cashman will add at least one starting pitcher if not to i believe he will he will add one starting pitcher and actually i heard of sweeney murdy talking about the possibility of another opener and i kind of thought about that and that makes some sense to that someone inside the box thinking that i could see cash looking at in terms of everybody knows the needs starter they're going to hike the fishes up maybe he goes another way it'll be interesting it will be and god knows the countdown to that will fill your notebook and i'm sure you're selling the for us we've been talking trade deadline with the yankees for a month now and it's still a ways away the end of july so you'll certainly be busy during that span as we know you always are kim jones here on the fan with christy accurate christy when you look at the pieces that have come back and stayed healthy that would be judge of course didi they've had some others what impact do you think just their presence made i guess in particular with judge in d._d. for obvious reasons when they reentered this clubhouse did you see a difference i mean it was interesting to see you know them come back and defer to the players that had gotten to them to where they were you know judge has been very clear about these guys one series where i was out and you know d._v._d.'s and same i think there's a a level of not just comfort but fun that happens when they're in the clubhouse and i think that is kind of what we're seeing it's a very relaxed clubhouse an very confident clubhouse right now and having you know two guys like that in there didi hasn't been hitting that well right that that adds to that confidence christy what is your impression when you watch glaze over i mean he is so talented he is so talented and really in some ways might be the best baseball player of the group and and i don't say that to slay judge because he's obviously very high on that list but there's something about watching labor play whether it's second or short that he just seems so special and he's twenty two i mean that's that's what i have to remind myself every once in a while it's like he is only twenty two years old and he gets other i mean like he's he has her power this year and you know he said well i went you know i went home this winter and i said i wanted to be healthy and i wanted to work on my power and that's what he's done he is special he's very level headed for kids that age he's very confident he's one of them's ones that you sit that age you kind of oh he's gonna be special i mean he's still learning which is very right he's probably going to get a little stronger main because he's so no yeah he's really impressive christy last year you were covering the mets correct yes so this actually isn't a mets question this is to set up the idea that last year at this time i was taking calls where every caller wanted to talk gary sanchez and every one of those callers wanted him out of the yankees uniform i don't hear from those guys very often anymore now kristie i'm just wondering i know it's your first year around the yankees as closely as you are now but what strikes you when you talk to or about gary sanchez you know the funny thing is i did a big story on catchers in french training and i just did one on him a week ago and it's very interesting because analytically last year they were like oh he's he's a good job defensively because passed balls don't count as much as framing okay and this year you see he's made some huge blocks behind the play this huge game winning blocks yes and everyone's like oh gary slate and his framing members but just what he is healthy what a dominant hitter he is i mean just dominant overall player he's a really good catcher because i measure that in terms of you know pass balls yes but what also is important key he good with his pitchers pitchers trust him you know i've seen him go out and you know calm down jay hat you know much older player i've seen him you know zach britain's told me he saved his bacon many times so i think he's having great if it's if it's not lumbago gary sanchez is the emmy this team this year and i was going to ask you about de d._j. lemay who numbers with score in with runners in scoring position or absent the charts almost a five hundred hitter in those situations and i'm guessing christie you saw him more when he was in colorado so that is a player that you would see limited regularity but more so than than you would most of the yankee players i would guess what about d._j. in your opinion has allowed him to not even have a transition to new york and to be as clutches he's been he is so low key i mean it wouldn't things one of the things i love about him in this day and age when neither sneakers or the big rage he works out on a pair of sneakers that greg berg didn't like you know hanley i mean he's like very old school right he doesn't like striking you know i'm gonna say this analytical age supposedly but he doesn't like it you could see i agree he gets he's very low key he doesn't really even when you're talking to him he'll kate me laugh but there's no action down with me just consistent he likes his routine Don't bothered by anything and, you know, he's, he's just. wow yeah it's it is amazing that to me i've called that one of cashman's best signings and he's had you know listen they all have mrs but he's had a lot of good signings but at this point d._j. lemay looks like he's at least toward the top of that list in my opinion i do if you don't mind christie just want to shift gears to the mets for a moment if i could pretty obvious brody didn't see anything like what alonzo and mcneil or delivering coming because he didn't really have them in his permanent plans this year or he wouldn't have made some of the other moves he made do you remember the two of them for maybe spring training to the point where you thought that they could be really capable to say the least major league players mcneil no okay and mcneil was was it would seem good player but i guess i didn't see it translating you didn't hear about like the scouts didn't fit translating so we're like okay lonzo you were always amazed at how he could hit the ball and the other thing that struck me was i would go out and see the minor league backfield and he would be he was a major league camp but he was out there working with tim tough all every day on just basic drills you know at first base just very basic stuff and you know tim ho million and stuck with me how hard of a worker he was and then i saw it again last year the futures game and he hit a ball over the foul pole at nationals park and it was like wow and i'll know he said i've always been able to hit a a long way it's like okay yeah there you go He didn't lie. how do you that day no this is not meant to be a cheap question and it's not meant to be a mets bashing question but is there a difference as a beat writer and a great profile writer and.

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