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This morning. The capital's outlasted the rival penguins in an overtime shootout three to two to snap a two game slide, Nicholas backstrom score wanted in the shootout, but Darcy Kemp was 35 saves were key in his first season in this caps Penn's rivalry telling NBC sports Washington. It felt like a playoff game right from the start and we came up with huge jump, which was awesome, got out of that one laugh and lead, and we were able to get it done, took us all the way to shoot up, but we got the win. At Maryland, the terps speed Michigan 72 64 and a Big Ten battle of ranked women's teams and fittingly a gameplay at Xfinity center had an X Factor off the bench coach Brenda freeze. The X Factor was laugh here with just big moments, big shots, having the confidence to step up. And just a really tremendous team win. Lavender Briggs had 14 points, diamond Miller at game highs of 23 points and 5 steals before fouling out, Maryland is one four straight and ten of their last 11 games. The NBA All-Star Game captains have been announced, LeBron James will serve as one as he hasn't all 6 years of this format and Yanis answer to kumpo. Will be a captain for the third time in his career. The two will select their teams live just before the start of the February 19 exhibition game. The first NFL head coaching domino has finally fallen as the Carolina Panthers chose Frank Reich over interim coach Steve Wilkes, one of the black coaches in the racial discrimination suit against the league in multiple teams. A Wilkes representative said, quote, we are shocked and disturbed by the move and that quote there's a legitimate race problem in the NFL that will be addressed in the coming days. Rob wood fork WTO sports. Thanks, rob, as always. Good Friday morning, January 27th. Welcome to serial warning one 16 on WTO. Glad you're with us. This is WTO P news. Most Republicans are planning their first hearing into the Biden administration's COVID response. The House committee on energy and commerce has now summoned top federal health officials from all of these agencies, the CDC, FDA, and the NIH. Bloomberg news reports this week that the committee has apparently requested information on just how much COVID funding remains, how many tests were purchased, and they want to look at documents related to the oversight of the Wuhan institute. Republicans are hoping to make good on a campaign promise to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hearing is set formally to start on February 8th. The better killed 8 people after racing a truck down a Hudson River bike path back in 2017 has been convicted of murder charges. A jury this week finding that actually is guilty of all 8 murder charges at 18 attempted murder charges. The 34 year old Uzbek native told investigators at the time that he was inspired to carry out the attack by Islamic State videos that he watched on his phone, the jury will return next month to hear more evidence in the case to help decide if he should be executed or spend the rest of his life behind bars. Top stories we're following on WTO P Friday morning for you 5 form of Memphis police officers are formally charged this morning with threatening degree murder if the death of Tyree Nichols, body camera footage of the arrest is expected to be formally released later today this Friday police here in D.C. are gearing up for potential protests. FDA advisers say it is time for just one type of COVID vaccine and the national archive. Now formally asking representatives this week from presidential administrations as far back we're told as Ronald Reagan to verify that no classified documents are in their files, stay tuned. You are listening. 103.5 FM and WTO P dot com. Good Friday morning January 27th. It's one 18. The rich honor in the WTO traffic

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