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Whether me, Sunshine smiles honest 47 degrees. North Korea's news talk wdun. Table, smiling with us as well, because he's putting down all those traffic accidents and picking up sports. Let's take a look at what's making headlines brought to you by our brothers after a power in hardware. Thank you. Bill. There was an upset on Monday night football last night is the Bangles knocked off the Steelers and Cincinnati. Pittsburgh's now lost three straight after starting 11 and no Bengals defense led the way, forcing three turnovers and holding Pittsburgh just 244 total yards of offense. The Steelers are now tied with Buffalo for the number two seed in the A. F. C. The MBA season officially tips off tonight the Brooklyn Nets will host Golden State. That's seven o'clock, followed by the Lakers playing the Clippers A 10 The Atlanta Hawks will open their season tomorrow at Chicago and will play their first home game of the year next Monday against Detroit. And on top 25 College basketball action Yesterday, number one ranked Gonzaga blew out Northwestern State 95 to 57 bail around in Arkansas Pine Bluff, 99 to 42, Tennessee beat ST Josephs, 10 to 66. Florida State beat Gardner Webb, 72 to 59 of Virginia Tech beat Longwood 84 to 58 tonight, Georgia will lead to keep their undefeated record intact. As they host Northeastern. It's seven o'clock. You confined more sports that access Wdun, Okay? I don't know why that happened, but it did moving on. I thought we're going to weather again. No, no, wait, wait, wait. We'll do that again later. I promise. Just just be good. Be careful. I'll hold you do it. All right. It's like Christmas. It'll be here eventually. Just got to be got to be good. Okay. All right. 54 minutes after raided north Georgia's news dog Wdun before I lose a grip on the world. Let's get a grip on the phone here and talk to Robin Templeton, because she knows what's going on. When it comes to your insurance, the insurance source. That's what the column and for good reason and Robin, you know, and we talked about open enrollment for wild. It is closed now, but there are folks out there that either or starting a new job or they are out of work, and they're having to take care of insurance. Or maybe they're like a lot of us. They're at that point where look, it's a good time to just take time to review what I have, because I don't know what I have. So imagine tackling a lot of folks probably doing that right now. Late they are. It's never good town to look and review for next year. So anybody that may be turning 65 may look a retiring soon, you know, want to come off of the group in and going your Medicare. Have a little bit of benefits on the Medicare side of it, and you're doing your group's died. So long times. Aiken be the group's hand down, um and gives you much better coverage without deductibles and co pays or the Medicare supplement plans. Um, you might be looking at changing dollars. Maybe you could get laid off. The things happen that we don't always take control. What goes on in the world? You know, we do have other coverage is so we do have short term health insurance. I can cover you up from 30 days up to three years if we need to. We also have the marketplace so Think they changed my life. So, yes, open run that dick close, But, you know if if you have this special moment period we can still get you signed up for. Thanks. Yeah, I think it's important when you do. Look at that. Ask those questions that you think I'm not gonna ask him. I just I don't look like I don't know what I'm doing. Well, I ask because I don't know what I'm doing, and that's what you do. You're you're the expert. That's why we we go to you to start with. So folks need to ask you those questions. There's no such thing as an uncomfortable conversation because Robin knows what's what. And she can tell you just get an appointment is still taking appointments this week. Absolutely. There's nothing better than educated consumer. There are no dumb questions. You know, I learned stuff every day, just like everyone else's stuff. The new every day for us Blunt Um yeah, Give me a call. Absolutely 775321900. We conduce missed everything by phone. If you don't thought coming in, don't want to, you know, comfortable me or anybody. If you wanna stay home by the fireplace and give me a call can do it that way, too. Works. Well, when you're working with the folks here at the insurance source, Robin, Thank you so much. Appreciate you being with us, okay? Absolutely thank you. Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas to you another Christmas Cookie Cup of coffee, and she's ready to go If 8 57 as we continued north Georgia's news talk Wdun mornings on Main Street. I saw this this morning. Just a quick headline. Don't have a lot of the sales on it, but a study says it's sedentary lifestyles or making Children less fit. Well, that's not an earth shattering hide line. We've been hearing that for some time, but they say, even among those who are not obese. So you know, he got, you know, kids here the right weight, right? Hide all that stuff, But But because they're sitting around is still not fit. You gotta get it moved, so I personally blame it. On the remote control. Hey, come on. Let's remember this. Look back. I mean, his kids were much more fit when we had to get up now actually walk across the room to change the channel. So I think for Christmas for your family's benefit with all extra calories gonna pack on, do him a favor. Either remote that we'll have to get up and walk. Just that's that's my fitness plan, and I am sticking with it..

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