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About impeachment in 30 seconds. If you can stomach that it passed yesterday, 200 Republicans voted against only 10. Republicans voted for impeachment. McConnell says the Senate can't start till the 19th. That's the day before Biden takes office. It's yet to be send. They're not gonna just not good if you have to be seen whether that will actually occur. I think there's no chance they get the 17 Republican votes, but that's all you need to know for now. Well, I would point out zero Democrats said. This is a waste of time. Every Democrat who showed up voted yes on impeachment, so Anyway, A couple of quick pieces of news just came across this. Johnson and Johnson has a one shot vaccine, and they're within a couple of weeks of announcing their test results in the rest of it, and then really gearing up manufacturer you remember under operation Warp speed. The idea was, um, go ahead and start manufacturing it And I guess if it turns out it sucks, you know, to use the parlance of today's youth. Um, we'll just have to get rid of it, I guess. But you know the technology's pretty dialed in. They have a really good idea that it's going to be safe and effective. So they've got a one shot vaccine. Problem is they're way behind on manufacturing. They'd hoped to have. What's 12 Million doses? By the end of February? Now they're saying the April by then they were supposed to had 60 million doses. But I tell you what The way this thing is dragged on and on and every time you think, right, just about over it. There's a temptation to say to Johnson Johnson, You're not gonna have a meaningful number of doses until the end to June. Don't even bother. Wouldn't know. No time has taught us. Let's go ahead and throw everything we got at it. Hey, Johnson, come here. Not Hugh Johnson. You stay under one. Johnson. Come here. Yeah, makers much as you can. Especially came. But don't tell Johnson. So that's pretty promising news and again. This is a single shot vaccine, which is cool. There's a question I don't know the answer to do you have any choice as to which one you get? No, it s so if you if if they're if you're next in line and you hear the closest place where they're giving out, the vaccine is here and you go stand in line. You just It's just kind of Freight to which one you're taking. Yeah, it's already seeking out one or the other Because there are some reports that one makes you a little sicker hurts more than the other. Yeah, I suppose. Maybe if you lived in a state that's a well all states are a combination of urban and rural and If the one you really liked was in the one, you know the population density you're not in. I suppose you could travel afar. But I don't. I don't know It's still true that the government doesn't know how to give out the vaccine yet keister don't But is it still true that the one has a reputation of making quite a bit sicker than the other? That's what I've heard, but it's you know, anecdotal? I don't know. Seems like if they're both roughly the same effectiveness. I'd want to seek out the other one. Well, you might want to, But my understanding is your county gets X number of doses, period. You go get it. Scarlett Jo Hanson, do I have to take it in the cock County? I'm in. You might have. I don't know. I don't know. What's the point of even talking to you? My charm and sense of humor. I don't know. 00. Yeah. I mean, the freaking governors don't know how this is working. I don't want from my understanding. It's very unlikely that The distribution is working out in a way that this zip code gets one vaccine. And the next zip code gets the other vaccine. Right. It's more blanket it and so you would have to go pretty far out. You get the one that is not the one that you're counting the one from. I understand. I wonder if the rich and powerful get to choose the one that don't make you sick. Yeah, I wonder. So got it. Did he get the one that makes you sick or not? I have no idea. What's the use of talking to me? I know. Stop asking me things I can't possibly know what is the moon way? I don't know. So we're talking about Mike Madigan, The King of Illinois who's left the speakership left the Legislature after 50 years. He's controlled government and the way politics works in Illinois. Chicago has enough population that The crooks in the capital, just route all the money to the activist groups in the unions and the rest of it, And they show up and vote Democrat every single time and the state spends itself into bankruptcy. But because those groups control Chicago, nobody cares, and they're all getting rich. So Madigan's finally gone after 50 years. Meanwhile, you got Dianne Feinstein, who you know in her prime. Smart, tough, moderate, Fantastic flapper. Popular on both sides of the aisle could really dance The Charleston. Yes, Yes, she slapped Herbert Hoover in the face once when he pinched her. Anyway, But yeah, she's old is heck, she's 88. Now I believe just filed paperwork to run again. Please, and the New Yorker? Interestingly enough, has a big article out recently. They start with the infamous moment back in November during that tech hearing when she asked Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, whether his company was doing enough to stem the spread of disinformation. Then she read in Ah, in full a tweet the president had disseminated claiming to have won the election. She then asked Dorsey of Twitter's labeling The tweet as disputed, had adequately alerted readers that it was a bald lie. It was a good question, writes The New Yorker. Find Sam seems, seems sharp focused. For decades, He's been the epitome of a female Trailblazer in Washington, always hyper prepared, but then and May you may know this. Dorsey responded the answer, and Diane asked him the same question again. Word for word along with the Trump tweet, and as they write, her inflection was nearly identical. She looked and sounded just his authoritative, seemingly registering no awareness that she was repeating herself verbatim. You know, you go back and forth between one a joke about that, or it's just sad. Um, she mean you're here in bad shape. You ask the same question. A couple of minutes apart. Right, Right. And then six days later, under growing pressure from progressive groups, she released the statement saying she would step down from the Democrats senior position on the Judiciary Committee. But then they go into her biography. Yeah, well, you know, I remember when I read that article. One of the things that stood out to me was the fact that people have gone and talked to her about this. And then when they go back to like, you know, they say we'll follow up on innocent when they go back to talk to about it again. She has no memory, right? The fact that they went in and talked to her about her, you know, declining previously? Yes, yes, And then they hedge a little bit and they some of raids bridal it, singling out her condition because declining male senators from Thurman Robert Byrd. Well were widely known, was embarrassing..

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