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Rice harbor Definitely no debate nothing has made. A child who was terrific I. Just think. Bryce Harper would be better in their lineup With the with the with the Yankees yeah absolutely See I feel. Like, Machado Harper special. He's he's a unique, talent even though you know Odyssey's batting, average is down the ship but he's a unique, talent and he is Special Machado, is too and he's a complete player and I, think I picked metabol- yeah especially what he's doing defensively. And I know, you don't pay for defense defensive I, feel like this is a guy where you go Man he's a complete player whom I keep getting better But he's so young could keep. Getting better and even take. His game to another level I think I'm picking. Machado, they're both about the same age by the way yes it seems, that Bryce Harper is older right? About, who you get what. Are you getting either, way I. I love Manny Machado I think he's terrific great personality if he goes to the invest your consolation prize at the Yankees. That you give them a child instead of Bryce Harper, I think you can live with that New York Yankees but I. Think that's the guy they're going to go after first and if Machado happens to be there then so then so, be it happens to be there by my. My druthers I would choose Bryce Harper, over Manny, Machado. Let's go to the Yankee fan producer Shannon pants Why are we doing. An either or both you on, everybody, and everybody Japan enough money for Giancarlo Stanton you gotta. Pay Aaron judge in the third point de Gregori at a certain point but my, thing is right. Now you're not paying. What are you paying a judge six hundred thousand you're not paying him you're not paying, torrezon that pain and do har- pails those three major players right now Only gonna choose, one because the. Yankees are not the. George Steinbrenner you a for everybody they're not taking both they'll pick one or the other Right? If you're picking Manny Machado you got to move a. Guy who's already your shorts Didi gregorius are you willing to do that for many Machado I wouldn't be willing to do that with Bryce Harper you can play mini album claims of d. h. that makes more. Sense to me to. Have that guys that Manny Machado You gotta Didi gregorius you got a guy that's Manny Machado already for your baseball team You don't need another one now. Bryce Harper left handed bat. Net line of a judge also standard Gregorian. Got something. Here short porch in left field That's what I would. Take him over Manny Machado I don't know I almost had you? Sway, is gonna be able to have the debate yes because. The, Yankees will have to be in that. Position? Yes Pick one of the two no doubt about that they're? The, ones that can have that conversation with both of those. Guys Yeah he is is not fair but hey life ain't fares fat Joe Machado's little brother if he has one we'll, take anybody? To, get something you take you, take me, home a Chatto Manny. Machado Brian We'll take Harper Machado Maybe Bryce Manny we'll take anybody can. Help our baseball, team, he's my. Bet Catherine Freddie Komen thanks for joining us in Freddie. Fitzsimmons on ESPN. Radio, so Josh Hader boy he's had a lot to explain ever since those tweets and he put out a. Seventeen years of age they became public Tuesday during, the all star game and he's, had, the issue mea culpa mea culpa even today before the brewers. Game against the dodgers he. Spoke to the support he's got from his teammates and reflected on those tweets that he sent back then. When he, was seventeen you. Know it was great I'm grateful for. Having my teammates you know Me and. Support me I hope they know the the character that I really am. And, on the person. That I truly, am, no I do not I. And yeah they they weren't meaningful to me That's not my beliefs at. All and it's tough because the people that I've hurt you know by those tweets it's you know that's not something I wanna do it. Just can't be explained the way that that's not who he is now to me. Now not saying he doesn't deserve a second chance I, think major league, baseball do the right thing, by sending in the.

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