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And the women are the ones that are getting shit done. So it's like, it's a really it's an interesting movie. I can't say that I loved it. I think you should everybody should see it. I can't say that you will love seeing it. But like, you will think about it for really long time after you saw it and you'll be glad that it existed. You said you left the theatre angry, I left it angry because I don't I don't I'll tell you offline. It's not like that. But much of a spoiler. But I'll tell you I- he the same director did the lobster. I hate it the lobster like, hey. But people love I truly hated it. But there were aspects of that. I was like I love this. It just there were parts of it that we're like chew harsh the things that I loved where the the performances I loved the way that the themes were explored in this kind of way that felt novel. I love the way that the movie looked and I loved the writing, but I felt some sometime parts of it felt like indulgently directed. I will I will say I can I use that to. Dovetail into to one of my two. I'll have what she's had absolutely of the year. The first one is a shadow to all women for whom it takes ten years or more to break into your industry. I think we've seen a lot of that lately. I hate to my own horn. But I will be sending January shooting an indie film that I'm starring in. Which is the first time that I have booked a lead role in a feature film in my life. And I've been Los Angeles for ten years, and I say that because I hesitated even talking about it because it's like, you know, Costa talk about supposed to whatever, but the deals closed now. And it's happening. I'm very excited about it. And it took me a second to realize like I've really been working towards for a very long time. And to listening to sorry about Deborah Davis. Having worked on this screenplay for twenty years as well. As like, we we are very quick to knowledge specially in politics last year. Like, you mentioned Meghan all these women who are like breaking through. And like, oh my God. It's the first time running and look at the success in it's amazing. But there's a lot of women who've been struggling for a long time and who've seen a lot of failure and not even failure necessarily, but just things taking time in. In any industry. It takes time. And we often hear about and focus on stories of women who have a kind of mediate success, and I would like to give shout out in twenty nineteen to the women who are still working diligently in having broken through yet. It takes it takes them goddamn time. Sometimes, and that's that's beautiful. That's all that's I think more common than it is as he somebody breaking through in very quick. And just because you're first hearing about somebody doesn't mean this. They just started working on it. I think that's important thing to remember. If you're saying that struggling to break into something competitive, you might think that oh, you know, I'm just hearing about this person's breaking in this person. You don't know how long and how hard they worked most of them probably work just as hard as you just as long as you the ones that didn't work as hard or as long as you. Got lucky? Yes. Yes. A combination of hard work and luck. And just just remind yourself that people were card, and I also want to do quick shout out to women in the gaming, the feel of gaming and video games and gaming communities. Because I think we don't often acknowledge the fact that that's a really difficult industry to be a not just like in terms of the creators and developers. But also those who game like women who spent a lotta time playing video games. I think that's awesome. I think it's really cool. I think we're all headed towards a world where VR, and gaming is kind of more of our culture, and it can be really difficult for women to continue being in that field despite the kind of rhetoric that.

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