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From NPR news I'm Jack Speer the state of Ohio is beginning the process of lifting its stay at home order and allowing some businesses to bring people back to work but as governor Mike DeWine cautions it is going to be a slow and gradual process Ohio public radio's Andy Chow has more a handful of industries in Ohio are preparing to get back to work in may phase one of the states re opening plan includes manufacturers general offices and retail governor Mike DeWine says the key to the plan are the strict workplace guidelines which require every worker to wear a mask nonessential businesses have been closed in Ohio since mid March the governor says re opening all businesses immediately would be irresponsible to the best of my ability I think we found the sweet spot I think we found the spot that is is most likely to cause less damage more more likely to cause good bars restaurants salons gyms and movie theaters are among the many other companies that will remain closed for now for NPR news I'm anti Chow in Columbus the centers for disease control and prevention in Atlanta is out with some of its recommendations on what a gradual re opening of the country might look like and it's not exactly business as usual among the recommendations businesses should consider closing break rooms restaurants might need use disposable menus and plates and schools would have students eat their lunch in the classroom those are just a few of the proposals as the CDC looks at how some institutions could be able to gradually begin to reopen while still keeping some social distancing in place the CDC came out with its proposal for at least seven different types of organizations one of the things the CDC is looking at is sending teams to three states to help contain growing outbreaks of the crown of virus in poultry plants it's the latest in a string of infections affecting U. S. meat suppliers member station BPM in Richmond Virginia Ben pave your has that story these outbreaks are centered on two plants that employ about three thousand people Virginia governor Ralph Northam many of them do not speak English as their first language and the close quarters of the house and makes measures such as isolation and quarantine even more difficult poultry plants along the peninsula in Maryland and Delaware have also seen outbreaks a trade group for the region's plants told the Baltimore sun the plants would have to destroy nearly two million chickens because of staffing shortages caused by the virus some workers say they've been given little information or protective gear by their employers the team from the CDC will assess the outbreak and try to ramp up testing for NPR news I'm then pave your enrichment while the federal reserve is managed largely calm turbulent financial markets in the past will have some far tougher tasks to tackle when it meets this week that policy makers will be to D. day meeting this week in Washington on Wall Street today stocks gained ground the Dow Jones industrial average was up three hundred and fifty eight points you're listening to NPR democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has received two more key endorsements today by getting the nod from house speaker Nancy Pelosi and house progressive leader for Miller J. J. appalled the twin endorsements underscoring Biden's ongoing efforts to unify disparate wings of the party ahead of the nominating convention and this fall's election against incumbent Republican president Donald Trump in a video released today Pelosi says Biden would be quote a voice of reason and resilience amid the on going from a chronic virus pandemic and she cited his previous experience both as a vice president and on Capitol Hill General Motors is suspending its dividend as the auto industry braces with the lingering fallout of the corona virus pandemic NPR's Camila domonoske reports US automakers have suspended vehicle production because of the virus Ford GM and fiat Chrysler are preparing safety measures for when they re open their plants but it's not clear when that'll happen and in the long term they're anticipating reduced demand for vehicles given the state of the global economy last month GM cut white collar salaries by twenty percent and furloughed hourly workers now the company has suspended quarterly payments to shareholders and also canceled stock buybacks the major U. S. automakers will report their earnings over the next week and a half starting with Ford on Tuesday Camilla domonoske NPR news despite some recommendations summer all of Boeing's board of.

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