Barack Obama, IRS, President Trump discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The two to four trillion dollars that are locked up overseas so that money comes back home and gives invested in the country some kind of the lowest possible business rate i'm a president trump fifteen percent sounds good even twenty percent would be dramatically better than where we are now but i'd love to see him yet to fifteen now i have to say the folks i talk with told me with great sincerity that they believe they're going to produce a middle class tax code so simple the most the americans will be able to fill it out on a on a large postcard now i'll believe it when i see it but boy that sure is an exciting goal and one that could really change our whole relationship with the tax code and dramatically limit internal revenue service suitable into do bad things by the way they've been after me now three times in a year over the same issue and i'm like i didn't get auditor one time when obama was there what what is going on here could be that the iris bureaucrats regard you as the reason they have a problem a you know you know what the sad reality is or you and i both know this is true there is a deep state and stuff like this because we saw this happen conservative groups being targeted after 2010 with the name tea party in it or conservative in an and the sad reality is is that there's no not an honest system and people are singled out for for types of audits i just happen overpays lives zero worry of my heart no worries at all and it's just frustrating that that you know that that they can use the irs has a weapon sometimes when you know the the the clinton system when i was speaker decide to go for me i ended up getting a reversal of the irs and.

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