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And that was scary for sure and it took some years to feel like you were fine. But again, I think that's the beauty of team sports. You're in it with a group that's feeling similar a similar way in. So you can share that amongst your your peers in understand that you're not alone in that regard. And they can help you through it. So we did a bunch of work. I was fortunate enough to work with the Olympic volleyball team from the last quad and the women's team. And so there's two ways to approach the games as you will recognize this you can approach it as if as if it was the biggest game in the world, right? It's a circus innovate self. And there's nothing like it. So prepare for that. Or you treat it as if it's another game, right? And the the boundaries don't change the consequences. Don't change fill in the blades. And how did you go into the games which way did you take it just going to say which way did you take in? Okay. So you're not gonna change your answer right now. I know my answer could so I took it as we approached it. It wasn't just a Mike driven initiative, but we approached it as okay, the ball's gonna stay the same the same number of people on the court and the boundary of the same. You know? So let's play this one play at a time. Like, we know how and then we had a contingency like we plan for what it was going to be like to have more family members at the game than any other family. And what's it going to be like to have more cameras, and we built in a plan for the family members? Right. And so we had a structure in our day. It was a wakeup food movement training. Rehab rehab and then nutrition and then games games at night. And then on off days every other off date. We'd have a fan some family time for hunting. And that was it. So we scheduled the tollway. So that's how we went out. Right. And but I want to tell you a funny story that work didn't work quite right? So anyways. So that's how traditionally approached it. But it is a funny story, wait hanging on the dog to tell you my story until you tell me. This this right promised to tell your story. I won't come back with. Yes. So we approached it. With a combined approach like that. But more to the side of treat it like, it's a circus and be prepared for the circus. Right. And have to your point have a plan in place for how to deal with the distractions because mind, you we had never in the ninety six Olympics. That was the first time women's soccer was ever admitted into the Olympics in within Atlanta. It was in the United States in. So choline hacker who played the role of Michael J race for our team. She's amazing..

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