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Thank you good to be here wonderful let's jump bright in bird it was a lawsuit by the aclu against the city of charlottesville that led eventually to the riots can you tell us about the facts of the case and why the aclu sued the city for attempting to suppress the unite the rights first amendment right to free assembly by moving them to a different park well it it was something back i must say wondering retreated and could be treated with you on you kind of garden variety mike it was a particularly uh pathbreaking event i must have brought this fit by shellfish nec on hugh royer twenty five or thirty times in my career um group wants to have our um the demonstration and um for the demonstration views potentially lower potentially raucous and may go to the authorities may say the vehicle parties will you give us a promise to have this many people gathering the farc and often though the saudisino you know i there to him uh it's too much cobble worth two hours i'm not sure that job the guy they don't necessarily like the people who were coming um but th you'd be amazed how many times when someone go to a local uh pop politics political figure in sort of like like a farming the answer is no fish yo you respond to that almost reflexively and serious look um the constitution provides lighting for your sampling um the streets and the parks belong to the people.

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