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Okay and then me all right and we it was on e network we were like that upsets me they watched it on the well we started to watch it but then we got sick of commercials we found it on usa network on a dvr okay which was like slightly better but still a lot of blurring yeah no no maybe i'd probably had vital parts of the script taken out okay there must have because let me tell you when we watched then the second movie unrated it was like going from a middle school dance to porn convention the thing with the little steel balls on the chain right was so viscerally upsetting to me why the things they put inside and then he made her go to the party and then she enjoyed it grazed definitely did but i did not but yeah we were saying in the second the second one is very sexy the thing with the bar where you're like where she doesn't know what he's gonna do with it and then you as the audience mike god but you tweet it's so funny i reach waited it was a the pommel that came out of nowhere like you're like okay his working out that's anyone working out is sexy like sure but then he just like walks over to pommel horse like an like the olympics already a big deal to me he just hoists himself up using his wrists like like just his wrist and supporting his whole body at egos like it's not just one eighty degree angle he like goes up and the police is playing in the background.

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