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Men Emasculate themselves. All the honor and vigour of their sex or in fabled by the disgrace of an innovated body, and he gives more pleasure there who best. Down the man into woman. He grows into praise from crime and he is judged the more skillful. The more degraded is. Oh shame. Such a one is looked upon and freely so. You cannot one in such a state suggest. He rouses the senses. He flatters the affections he drives out the stronger conscience of Goodhart. Nor is there lacking the authority of seductive vice that ruined may creep upon men with less notice? They depict Venus as unchaste Mars as an adulterer and that famous Jupiter of there's no more a chieftain in dominion than in Vice Burning with earthly love in the midst of his own thunderbolts. Now, shining white in the plumage of a swan now pouring down in a golden shower now, plunging forthwith ministering birds for the raping young boys. Ask Canal whether he who looks upon this can be healthy minded or chased. One imitates the guns whom he venerates. For these poor wretches sins become even religious actors. Or if you should be able standing on that lofty watchtower to direct your eyes into secret places. To in fasten the locked doors of sleeping chambers and to open these hidden recesses to the perception of site. You would be hold that being carried on by the UNCHASTE which had chased countenance not behold. You would see what it is a crime even to see. You would see what those demented would the fury of vices denied that they have done and hastened to do. Men with frenzied lusts rush against men. Things are done, which cannot even give pleasure to those who do them. I Li- if he who is such does not accuse others of the same. The depraved defames the depraved and believes that he while conscious of his guilt has escaped as if consciousness were not sufficient condemnation, the same persons are accusers in public and the defendants in secret. Behind. Their own critics and the guilty. They condemn abroad what they commit at home, which after they have committed, they accuse a daring acting directly with vice and an impudence in harmony with the shameless. Do, not, marvel at such things as they speak. Whatever sin is committed with the voice. Is Less than that committed with their mouth. But viewing the treacherous highways, the manifold battles scattered over the whole earth. `exhibition either bloody or vile the infamies of lust offered for sale in brothels or enclosed within domestic walls whose daring is greater in proportion to the secrecy of the sin. The forum perhaps may seem to you to be devoid of all this. That it is free of harassing outrages and is unpolluted by context with evil. Turn your site in that direction there you will find more things to abhor. From these, you will the more turn aside your eyes. Although the laws are engraved on twelve tables and the statutes published on bronze sat up in public. There is sin in the midst of Balazs themselves there is wickedness in the midst of the statutes and innocence is not preserved where it is defended. The Madness of those who oppose each other rages and among the togas peace is disrupted and the forum rohr's madly with lawsuits. There the spear and the sword and the executioner are close at hand. The claw tears the rack that stretches the fire that Burns. For the one body of man more tortures than it has limbs. Who In such cases gives assistance One's patron. But he is in collusion and deceives. The judge. But he sells his sentence. He who sits to punish crimes commits them, and in order that the defendant may perish in innocence, the judge becomes guilty. Everywhere transgressions flourish, and in every direction by the multiform nature of sending the pernicious poison acts through wicked minds. One counterfeits. A-. Will. Another by capital fraud gives false testimony. On the one hand children are cheated of their inheritance on the other strangers are endowed with property. An enemy makes a charge account nater attacks a witness defines. On both sides, the Venal impudence of the hired voice proceeds to the falsification of charges while in the meantime, the guilty perish not with the innocent. There is no fear of the laws of the INQUISITOR. No dread of the judge. What can be bought is not feared. Now. It is a crime for an innocent man to be among the guilty. Whoever does imitate the evil gives offense. The laws have come to terms with sins and what is public begins to be allowed. What shame of events can there be here? What integrity when those to condemn the wicked are absent? And only those to be condemned meet with you. But perchance we may seem to select the worst examples and to lead your is through them with a view to disparagement who sad and revolting site offends the face and gaze of the better conscience. Presently. I shall show you those examples which worldly opinion considers good. Among those also, you will see things to shunned. As for what you think to be honors what you consider the Fassi's. What affluence enriches what power in camp the site of people among the magistrates power in the license of rulers. All, this is.

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