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You guys should start v. You guys should start a line of rain boots with all the flooding going on your life. Has this ever. Yeah like that idea. Only l. only ten percent. Thanks okay. that's fair well boy. Lots to look forward to with wilder auto. Want to thank you again for coming on. We really appreciate you being very much man. Thank you guys. this has been fun. It was honestly really nice having you here when that disaster happen i know he's very well. We know what you're better now but it was kind of like just to calm floating. Heads leave from totally bizarre. Well boy glad i could help. Yeah indeed indeed well. There was one moment. When i heard you guys say oh shit. I just saw him run across the screen. There goes he's fat. Oh my gosh. Cool man for real means a lot. It's pretty cool that you guys listen to the record. Thanks for thinking through it Pedro coming up with the cocktail for. It makes a lot listening. Take take the time to do that because yeah we spend some time on an i. Everybody goes that depth to it. So i really do appreciate it and of course my and thank you for listening to tunes. Tumblers tunes and tumblers is network magazine. Podcast a member of the pantheon podcast network. Be sure to follow us on every platform also. Please rain subscribe to us wherever you listen to. Podcasts really helps us a lot. Also if you go to the episode description and scroll to the very bottom find a link where you can support the pied. Every dollar goes to keeping the lights on and getting supplies to make these delicious drinks. Toon tumblers was produced as always by drew france blau. Our theme song is by new. New girlfriend are hashtag new. Jingle comes to us. From jacob jeffries and jesse mcginty and until next time cheers cheers. You've got the latest jam. Queued up the sound system cranks. But you're missing that extra element take it all the way to eleven listening to music is only half the journey our senses mingle to create unforgettable moments on the magazine podcast tunes and tumblers. We dive headfirst into that concept by pairing new and classic albums with original craft cocktail recipes. We invite listeners. To bring their inner mixologist. As we explore the music we love from a unique immersive and thoroughly delicious perspective. My name is anthony. And i host tunes and tumblers alongside my invaluable crew. Pedro your mixologist and ryan your music unasur over the past three years. We've spoken artists across the spectrum and toasted their music cocktails. You won't find on any bar menu. Rappers open mike eagle and how the nomad indie pop superstars. The aces tessa violet. Talented multi instrumentalists known until win of town. Get downstairs on. Have all taken the hot seat. I roster gets bigger and better with each episode and like every good conversation it gets deeper with every round. Join us on this intoxicating journey through the records. We love raising a glass to each wherever you get your podcasts. And don't get to drink. Responsibly cheers cheers..

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