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Steph told me bucko world seem again. What repeat it again z. I think by the time it's all said and done dory's going to go down as the greatest rapper. Oh yeah absolutely. Also i think saw they were like. Oh this is. This is a very jarring situation. Let's drink hennessy. First leg before we do is that. That's how i just remember like my boy. I wasn't meet up with him and was like oh know we're doing security y'all mattress borrowed up. We saw hanging with this guy. You'll come meet with. And i was like i'll just drinking. He was like yeah. And i go up there and they is mad low tunings from harlow as i always think about how to get this money and i was like we were already getting money already doing very dangerous. The money like what are you guys. I gotta events ship role. And i laugh unless you about event. An air fire in two thousand ten. Did you get out the spot. Like style style and it was one of those weird things like i was like the younger homey tema boy and then those other guys like his old homeys so he's like who's young. I'm like who's these old niggers who clearly was not getting money. Which you i can go get money. Eighty nine and now they're looking so if you could you li- little nigger. I'm like no sir. I am new york times bestselling author these days. Yeah sega sega say yeah yeah. Yeah we're told you. Give me a drink. And booms singer who des google doors speed. Why why wow. Wow guess what. There's a party going on tonight. You don't say his vip site get the fuck guided fact. I was in my car. My driver was driving senior. Moths and on the back is my son's. A kidney am i made sure my drive a broadside that bitch hold that.

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