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Wrestling, TNA, WWE discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


Not Sam wrestling for the not Sam shells. You already know what we do here in the state of wrestling and that is countdown. The list of the top five stories in the world of pro wrestling this week according to yours, truly the last professional broadcasters, Sam Roberts and it's an interesting week. Of course we covered Saudi in the and the crown jewel and what maybe WWE should do in the bridge segment. So if you're looking for that in the state. Have wrestling, you're not gonna find it. You shouldn't skip segments. Speaking of skipping. A lot of people last week were tweeting me going. What happened to the state of wrestling I turned on, I must have missed something is the state of wrestling, no more. I think I said at the beginning of the show, we're not do it last week. We're not doing a state of wrestling because I was out of town and couldn't do it topically, and that's why I put on the special Caroline show. But if you skip the intro, you would miss that part too. So stop skipping around parts of the show. Okay. That should be number five this week, but we're sticking to wrestling stories. Okay. And the number one story we're gonna have some fun with so. Number five is TNA or impact wrestling as it is now known as Don callous refers to it and everybody referring to impact wrestling, refers to it. Number five is impact wrestling's bound for glory and more specifically the Austin Aries situation. So first of all, I watched bound for glory and I think TNA is doing good, pay per views. I think it's it's. Or I'm sorry, impact wrestling. I keep seeing seeing saying TNA, but it's just it's not for any reason other than the fact that that's just what I'm used to saying. I mean, if you go through the WWE pre shows, you'll find me saying WWF in two thousand eighteen on WWE TV okay. I'm a hardheaded person. I'm not a fast learner is the point even if it's only about three letters, you know, these are. These are worth three letter words are stuff that kids learn in like first grade cat CAT probably before first grade. Probably kindergarten. Maybe the really smart ones, the doogie howser to the world before they even get to kindergarten. Dog DO g I'm good with those. I know a lot of those three letter words. Rock are. Okay. Oh, the c is silent. But for some reason when you explain to me what the name of a wrestling promotion is, sometimes I find it difficult to remember the proper branding, but deal with me here work with me here we're talking about impact wrestling and we're talking about another three letters b. f. g..

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Wrestling, TNA, WWE discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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