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Country have discriminated against female applicants the investigation comes after it was revealed Tokyo Medical University had done exactly that for more than. A decade it released an internal investigation earlier this week that confirmed it had. Altered entrance exam scores to limit the. Number of female students Tokyo Medical University said it believed, female doctors would shorten or halt their careers if they had children affecting hospital staffing the education ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools. Asking them for six years of data on the genders and ages of all applicants and. Wants to know who passed and who was admitted schools have two weeks to get back to the. Education, ministry with. Numbers Sanctions against Russia over the poisoning of an ex spy in Britain have prompted. A stern warning from the Kremlin AP's Charles day with desma reports it's warning the Trump administration saying it. Will strike back Mitri Medvedev says if the US introduces sanctions against Russia as some reports are indicating Moscow will see this as. A declaration of an economic war and we'll respond accordingly Medvedev says Russia will. Retaliate with economic and political means and, if necessary other means adding American friends should understand that, the sanctions follow Washington's belief that Moscow had used a deadly nerve agent to poison ex Russian spy said script pal and he's dole to. Russia has strongly denied involvement in the poisoning I'm Charles de LA desma The foundation of billionaire investor Warren, Buffett's son plans to invest thirty million in a campus in central Illinois to help people with drug addiction and bring together social services the herald in. Review in, Decatur Illinois says making county Sheriff Howard Buffett, has announced plans, to invest in.

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