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The right producer rob Kendall markets in Vegas doing Vegas things we are holding down the fort today we have a jam packed show today all it is official impeachment is happening Democrats have gone from like I don't know quid pro quo I can't even say that quid pro quo to extortion bribery to abuse of power I can't keep track of all of the staff which was been your favorite I think it's quid pro quo just because I have a hard time saying it so there's something out of a sci fi movie right now right quid pro quo I can't keep track because they keep changing the narrative but Nancy is full of prayer and Catholicism and love in your heart for impeachment we're gonna be talking about that today really talking about trump's response really talking about and Nancy's meltdown yesterday by NESN had a meltdown to someone they came to one of his campaign stops Al Green not the singer but the politician he's in me showing her he did show Democrats hand and all this impeachment stuff yesterday we have to discuss what Hillary is waiting on before she decides to run and twenty twenty that's coming up and then we're also gonna have some fun today there's a cat this is high in the southern accent like everyone of these topics you you just mentioned I'm like your I know right I know this is two thousand nineteen Jason hammer from the hammer Nigel shows joining us for speed so it's gonna be two guys and a girl for speed around today and I know you like a good sword fight so you're super excited about that all that is coming up today so yall buckle up but first let's talk about policy and how prayerful and full of Jesus that she is I'm it's interesting how the Democrats they took god out of their platform in two thousand twelve deliberately yeah I your I mean you remember when they did that but then they use him like he's some sort of a an item at an MCL cafeteria when they they they feel like they need to use politically yeah no no it's like if you want apple sauce no no not today yeah we need him today but tomorrow we need him politically so I'm yeah she she did that yesterday and she was super irritated but yet but let's just first we'll start with the whole decision to impeach and I don't think that was a surprise anybody yesterday but she said the following I can quote her she said sadly but with confidence and humility and she was so she's had a subset when she did the show us with allegiance to our founders in our heart full of love for America today I am asking our chairman to proceed with the articles of impeachment now she notably took no questions and then she started walking away and then she snapped and then yeah reporter and said something here and I think we have we have some audio is now two hours ago Nancy Pelosi came.

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