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Very cute and french. Beautiful hair there. You go okay. The night is young folks joke. Oh my god who's joining are lovebirds. It's lou can you look gorgeous. How do day april fifth wheel. How are you feeling andy. I loved being pregnant. I am having the best time. And i don't really know what about being pregnant is what i'm loving because i can't sleep and i can't fit in anything but i i'm obsessed. I love being pregnant. There you go okay. Great well your life has changed a lot in twenty twenty The only pj's you know these days or the baby pajamas. You're ordering. I want to find out what's the latest with you. Clear this up once and for all did you. And the other vanderpump rules. Kids have a pregnancy pact. We just spoke about it being fun to have kids together and then it just kind of happened that way but i wouldn't say it was a pregnancy pack. Have you been in. Touch with jackson britney since they announced their departure from the show i have. Yeah we've we've communicated definitely You and she had a very public out falling out in september. What's the current status of your friendship today nonexistent. I haven't spoken to her. And i know she's also having a baby so i i wish her all the best i know i know you're from utah. House of salt lake city. Are you into it. Oh.

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