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First photo throw rolled all the way down. Liked it. And then hey this is nick already. Do we meet like fifteen years now. BRIANNA SUZANNE SKI SO. They're fighting in the car. She walks out. She's mad that the girlfriend is in the front seat. plummer police say that. Here's where it takes a weird schedule your on the sister side. No are you serious. no-one said okay. Yeah that's what I'm going to read this back. Because that's when Brenna Brzezinski became angry with her brother about where his girlfriend was sitting right next sentence. Police say Bret presents. He led them on a half mile car chase through elephants into blakely. So this happened in between there so and called the cops the cops showed up and off. Yeah quote this. Is the chief vogue and they had the girls had out the window. She was hanging out of the car. I don't think they had. I think she was probably get me out. Yes yes after getting caught in a traffic j just your head out. The League has not that dangerous. No you would let a dog go to pause out of the window. Would you let your dog would jump. I had my dog Gye would be one paw at the window. You'd be like good boy. Yeah right is is this. Your dog dog couldn't even my dog could not even hear can even lift his yeah. He's pretty spry in certain ways. But Yeah doggy dog. That ate the videotape size. Yeah this is that same dog different version of different version of that. Yeah I noticed. This dog had looked like it. Didn't have videotape-sized pot Brownie. Just referencing. One of his fantastic acid radiator like a cooking pan so he's now remember that Nice dumb. You thought it was late at night and after as I commend us that was. Where is there any food in this house? We needed a snack. And I found a cooking way on by the menu and my children's academic and medical records. Oh by the way where we keep none of our cookies ever I was like I'll eat that and Time you put them down to bed. He's up there and like a handgun and by the time I put him down. That was the only time that You're talking to your daughter. She was like four sleeping in like a tiny bed and and I was worried honestly. But she's like daddy okay. I'm like no no daddy no no I never eat cookies idea to these guys getting pulled over and the cop over the radio What is it? It's a shock shotgun. There's a gun right here. I love this to this when people all right articles and they assumed everyone reading will always know where they mean after getting caught in traffic jam near the anchor and Blakely. Well yeah you know the anchor. I duNno police. He's ordered the man out of the car. Police say first Brzezinski Brett cooperated but that quickly changed. That probably sums up his whole life. Sure I'll go who who's GonNa Talk Talk. I drew my weapon cry because the shock I got him calm down for a second second and told him get up against the car but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down hope that means away. He attacked me again so I picked him up and threw him into the grass. I- detained him. I was trying to get my handcuffs on him when the other girl came over and she started attacking me. I have to assume it's BRIANNA. It's got a girlfriend. Seems like how did they get into this family. So the so these. I'm assuming white people because they weren't shot K.. These white people started fighting COP. Yes all over over gray cone sits in the front seat so yeah. We're there warrants involved though. We don't hires to be clear. People have said I'm not going to get out of the car and and have gotten shot round of their children for being black. Well he's divorced. Handles it right all right so he said I was yelling for backup and some other guys were starting to show show up so he had one cuff on him by this time. Meanwhile he's also dealing with Brianna Brzezinski and fighting a woman behind your the girl friend in the front seat. Do you even have after break up with him. No at this point. You're we're done right you don't have to call them back or turns you on. I like a guy under a guy in uniform. The person in the vehicle was not arrested and in fact police are calling her a victim while this was certainly dangerous situation for those involved. Police say many others were also in harm's harm's way traffic was packed says devaux they were driving like animals. We'll probably better than that stuff. You could've flipped a coin over and now we have people who could have gotten killed. Nobody was Stuff you could've flip the coin. That's the shotgun debate right speaking in such vacant right I was I thought he was saying it was like people could have been flip up to hurt somebody. No but you're you're right. The shotgun is like flip a coin. Flip both Brzezinski Siblings were arrested and charged with simple assault resisting arrest and related aided offenses police say the third passenger has filed a PFA against both presents keys and other members of their family. which I imagine as a restraining order? We're we'RE GONNA get out of here on this you can do both and we can do one. How old is Brett and Aubrey Anna Brzezinski? Let's do both of them. Okay let's first. What's their age difference? Seven years seven years between them. Yes twenty nine. Twenty two twenty nine and twenty two. WHO's older Brett? Okay Jay. I'm I'm GonNa say Twenty Seven and twenty and I'm going to say thirty five twenty eight and I think she's older okay. Sisters Years Older. Yeah okay I will tell you I. Brett is older. All right very well also tell you that based off it just the numbers one of you is exactly all right now. Somebody's right on the numbers. Not right on Ed right on the sex okay. So who do you think is right nick. Then Randy yeah okay. I think it's me it's me. Jason says the Tim Nick it says and you say okay. So is older. twenty-seven Pianist Brown's twenty the present Zemke's the flying presents the jailed presents keys. WHO fight over? Who has shotgun and decide also due to fight a cop over it? That's how passionate they are about the little things in life their ages are twenty seven and twenty. Hey guys together are a great team together. We should be a communist telling you right now. His Saturn is returning the up and I got a long way to go all right. Listen guys deal deal with shotgun in the proper way like Nick Thune says gotta be outside of the venue car doors have to be shut off are off her off and then you can make the call anything.

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