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And click on podcast every show is podcasts for fifty two weeks and you can download it simultaneously. We upload the archived audio that can't download it, but it's there for your listening pleasure, and it stays forever an ever an ever, we start our eighteenth year on the air this September, no, July, July, we start our eighteenth year in the second I on a mess. The first Sunday in July, we start our eighteenth year on the air, and you know what I have to go in and quench some numbers somewhere. I did a study last fall. And I figured out that sometime this month. We are going to hit thirty five hundred hours three thousand five hundred hours of radio. Broadcasting. How do you like that? And I did it. I was stuck in an airport. You knew I had to be desperate, only it was that or start picking lint off the columns in the airport. And I figured out that sometime in may. And then I forgot the date, I don't think I wrote it down when calendar where easy to find somewhere. There's a yellow pad with the page, that's figured it all out. But it wouldn't take more than half an hour to work it out again. Yeah. Thirty five hundred hours of broadcasting, and I walk and talk and almost make sense and chew gum, and safely cross streets at the same time remarkable now. But we had on today's show earlier, Marc chambers. The group managing director of the Eden hotel collection in the UK a, an amazing group of boutique luxury hotels that, if you wanna fairytale trip, you could just take out a map and plan your trip based on where they're nine hotels are located and just follow the trail and say, somebody someplace that just blows you away every day. So that's my story on that. And then in the last hour, we had on his excellency the Basser to the United States from Malta Keith, as a party. And he was fascinating. Oh, and by the way, he told me something as we went into the top of the hour news that I promise to share. So let me share quickly with you. He told me when we were talking about American history that is laced into Maltese history. Well, we talked about that at the end of the last hour, but he wanted me to share with you that the liberty bell was recast. And when it was recast, there were two men that did and the two men signs somewhere on the liberty bell, indicating that they were the craftsman. That did this. One of them's name was punchy spelled P, A C, like pace, which was anglicized to pass P A, S S. But their name was really Paci. PAC somewhere on the liberty bell. You will find the signature of pass PAAS s one of the two Kesri casters of the liberty bell in Philadelphia. And he was Maltese, so the people of Malta very proud of that very special US connection. I think the next time I drive down to Baltimore Washington, Virginia. And places all around Philadelphia that are gorgeous and wonderful. Visit I'm gonna make a point of getting myself over to see the liberty bell, and come with a magnifying glass in search of where did the name pass PAAS s of Mr. Paci get engraved into isn't that cool. So this hour. Let me entertain you. We've been talking a lot about Albany, New York of late L S few months. And that's because you really need as I did of real. Indoctrination almost into what there is to see. And do what are the magnetically marvelous venues and attractions, hotels, outdoorsy experiences? Indoorsy experiences historic experiences that you will find in Albany county. If you're coming to New York on business if you don't have a car, rental car, and drive through the Hudson valley northward to Albany is the most exquisite trip, no matter what the time of year if you don't wanna Dr jump on Amtrak in Penn station. Get off at the Albany, rents train station. There is a car rental company, embedded right there at the train station, and it would be better. If in advance of your arrival you made their car reservations, there's a car waiting for you. You don't want to get there and find out. Oh, we just rented our last car tough on you. So, but if that happens hopping taxi get a limo do something else. Don't worry about it. Don't let it ruin your day. But at Vance plans, are always a good thing. And if you're gonna plan in advance. I want you to go and check out what is being performed at Albany's wonderful historic majestic palace theater. And if you ever see the film, the majestic, the with, with Jim Carey, which, by the way was a. Facade Piltz by skilled Hollywood set crafts people and put up in the middle of St. in Ferndale, California, and the rest of the they filmed the outside there. And the inside interior shots were all done in sound stages in LA. So, but it reminds me of that, you know, that kind of glitzy sparkling marvelous kind of art deco, wonderful theatre that. They don't build them like that anymore. Regrettably, but, you know, there are people who care enough to restore refurbish, maintain theaters so that you can have that amazing experience with of all, things, live performances. How about that? So we're going to go off, so we can let me entertain you with folks over at the palace theater in.

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