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To desertion and behavior before the enemy and could be sentenced for up to life in prison after hearing accounts of the soldiers his search for him and from a woman whose husband was shot during one of those missions bergvall addressed the court with an apology reported by nbc berg doll said he was trying to do something good and it turned out bad and his words alone can't relieve the pain he was captured by the taliban after leaving his post in june of two thousand nine burke doll says he was caged by his captors captain darkness and beaten he was eventually brought home in two thousand fourteen in a swap for five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay the idaho supreme court made a ruling that has some idaho lawmakers concerned heading into the two thousand eighteen session in january idaho's legislative council met friday to discuss the legislature being required to wait for all bills to be transmitted to the governor's desk before officially adjourning the session according to the idaho statesman the idaho supreme court ruled earlier this year that it was illegal for the idaho legislature to adjourn before the guy governor received the bills passed throughout the session instead the idaho legislature must present all bills to the governor before lawmakers can go home for the year several council members objected to holding off adopting the new procedure pointing out the importance of the legislature having firm guidelines of the council didn't make any decision friday but agreed they hope to adjourn by march 27th ron o'brien six seventy kboi advocates for medicaid expansion are waiting to hear whether they can start collecting signatures to put an initiative on the two thousand eighteen ballot they say the measure especially would be important for idaho's rural communities luke maye though is cofounder of reclaim idaho the group leading the effort to expand medicaid he tells the public news service if the state does choose to expand up to ninety percent of the cost will be covered by the federal government we are actually all ready or vote our current what's happening right now or arte fair dollars regard are very your program in other third or work harder to we will bring back earn twenty million dollars or your back into idaho initiatives supporters need to get at least forty eight thousand signatures an 18 different districts to put the measure on the ballot i am taylor martin six seventy kboi's howard brought to you by idaho foot and ankle idaho's premier footed medical center serving the treasure valley for over twenty years with locations in boise meridian and napa the measure their success one foot it roman.

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