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But part of the reason why I'm kind of in on this too is, I think they made a mistake going back to 13 pitchers. Like 13, you're only going to see more of this stuff right now. I just don't think based on short spring training and the Weibo pens are used. I don't think 13 pictures is going to work. I understand you're trying to force to get more length, but I would say in the short term, it's going to really going to lead to some ugliness. So you could end up having a walk off situation in a mercy rule type setting. I just, I don't like it when we're in a space where it's kind of this non competitive thing where guys are just flipping the ball in there. And everybody's sort of smiling. Here's the other thing too, is that the position players are up there, they don't want to throw their bats away. It's an opportunity for them to get a hit every single thing is getting measured. That's one of the things that all of this that's changed is that everything is evaluated, that that's the difference between now and 30 years ago. And you think it's the same, but it's not. You think that a ten one game is the same, but it is not. It's not even close because 30 years ago, the umpires weren't being evaluated this way. And so the strike zones started to balloon. The game moved. Everybody was in on it that was on the field. The offense and the defense. They understood what was happening. But now, a ten one game is being basically executed in the same way as a ten 9 game or two one game. It's two O there's a hitter up there. He's a good hitter and a position player flips one in that's this far off the plate that the umpire calls the strike. And the guy at the plate gets pissed off. In a ten one game. But it's because they know they're being evaluated on every single pitch. The players are, they are connected on what they're being evaluated on. And so nobody throws a bat so I'm maybe I shouldn't say nobody. Guys don't throw it bats away the way they used to. They don't. Like whatever old school stuff you want to say in blowout games, guys would throw at bats away. They don't throw it bats away now. And so on the one hand, they're all trying to sort of get their numbers, but in the end, if you have a guy throwing 65 miles an hour, it ceases to be the thing that we came there to watch. Taylor, I often bring you in to be the voice of the fan. What would you think about a mercy rule after, say, 7 innings book said if the difference in score was about 7 runs? Oh yeah, all in on that. I mean, this is the novelty is worn off. Everyone's over it. I think, except for maybe the people like booth said the people in the stands who have come for the one night and haven't seen this before, but yeah, let's move things along. These games are already long enough. Yeah, and there's probably not a coincidence, but where you mentioned, you know, after the 7th inning and a blood situation, that's usually when they stop selling beer as well. So what do you do in there, right? Time to go home. Fair enough. Because you know the personality hears the by nomination for one of the quotes of the year. Max Scherzer started last night in double-A for Binghamton and after that game, he told reporters I want to be in the big leagues, not a rumble pony. What do you think? Oh, he's awesome. Gosh, smart, interesting, and also really, really honest. That's the thing always with max, right? I mean, I will tell you, could you imagine if you could have only shared two pieces of information with met fans on June 22nd, then Max Scherzer would have started what he started 5 games. Right. That Max Scherzer would have started that much and the Grom hadn't pitched in the mess would be in first place. Like if you only shared that Scherzer in the Grom to pitch that much and then you ask them what would the standings look like met fans would be jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. And things have gone pretty well. I'm interested to see if he can be healthy and the ground coming back, you know, I was part of the broadcast team in the O three Marlins and one of these subtleties about that year was you think of a storyline at Josh Beckett and that he pitched so well, but Josh had blister problems that year. And so he was on the shelf. So by the time the point is, when he got to the LCS, he was way more fresh than everybody else. And I can't help but wonder with these two guys if there isn't a chance that both Scherzer and de Grom are going to be closer to peak level. I mean, this is way down the line. Closer peak level to postseason and maybe this whole thing could put them in a pretty good space. Yeah, a blessing in disguise. I wouldn't be surprised if Scherzer is next start is in the big leagues. As you know, it's usually a progression about 15 to 20 pitches per start. So he'll be in about 80 pitches next time. And you know if Scherzer tells him it's, hey, I think I'm ready for the big leagues. They're going to listen to him, especially at $43 million a year. And with the Grom, everything you hear, he's making progress. He's throwing the hitters. You're right. If you have those two guys healthy down the stretch, you're in a good spot. That's what the Dodgers have been trying to do over the last 6, 7 years of the Clayton Kershaw to put him in a position to be there in the postseason. I got two more for you. You got about four minutes left. I wrote a piece for ESPN dot com today about, okay, if not the Yankees with Aaron judge for when he becomes a free agent in the fall. And I don't think there's any doubt that's going to happen. There's no sign that they're going to work out even the arbitration case, let alone a long-term deal. If he becomes a free agent, what teams could be interested in, you know, I got a lot of great feedback from around the sport for you, what's a team to watch?.

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