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He lost his second straight decision after winning four in a row, and his Red Sox fell 73 in Kansas City to drop the series. Of all the allowed four runs in as many innings. They came out swinging the bat, You know, I mean, that's what it comes down to. They were taking good pictures. I was trying to get that first pitch strike and then expand a little bit, and they weren't swing up there When I expanded other times, I wasn't you know, locating as well. They're able to file Off on their pitches, So I try to do a better job of attacking the strike zone and, you know, reading their swings a little bit better. Rafael Devers and Kiki Hernandez homework for Boston Sox will continue their road trip in Tampa Bay tomorrow in a matchup of the two top clubs in the East. Fourth straight game seven losses for former Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, His Sixers fell to the Hawks one Oh 3 96 at home, so Atlanta will take on Milwaukee in the East Finals. Sons open the West Finals by beating Clippers won 21 14. They hope to have Chris Paul back from the league's covid protocol soon and Jon Rahm won the US Open. That's his first major and the first for a golfer from Spain. Adam Kaufman, WBZ Boston's news radio. Everybody wants to go somewhere at once. 7 43. Let's check the roads right now, with Lori Grandy and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three having a rough time right now, I'll tell you that much, Jeff, first off we have some malfunctioning traffic like this is on Columbia Road North and South, Um, at the expressway, So when you're trying to get onto the expressway there, watch out for that. Slow down the expressway itself. It's jammed from Adams Street to Columbia Road map, spiky span slowing supermarket over past two Newton Corner, Watch out for some heavy traffic as well on 1 28 South bound through Linfield. It's heavy from Walnut Street to Main Street. Still dealing with a crash. Actually in Bridgewater, This is on 24 north on route 44 Watch out for delays there. Let's check out the downtown now get some trouble there as well with Christie Neck and the WBZ NewsRadio Traffic copter. Laurie, we've had a new problem Pop up over in Cambridge is a crash right at the intersection with the Alewife Brook Parkway, a Mass house so be ready for delay is over and that stretch if you're heading out toward Arlington this morning or heading in from there, Otherwise, the lever down ramp is still all tangled up. All of it on the story drive 93 south, heading for the leverage down ramp still backed up into Medford. The Tobin Bridge. Inbound is slow out of the Chelsea s curves up towards where you lose the line for the bus line. This fact up again, waiting to get in the city Square Tunnel. Kristen at the WBZ radio Traffic copter. Route three continues to be hung up starts on the top on side there for at 4 95 that continues right to trouble. Cove Rodent Bill Rika. Tory grandee. WBC's traffic on the three summer has apparently hit the ground running here in Boston. Little uncomfortable out the door this morning hazy sunshine 73 degrees and will make it to 90 or beyond. Today.

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