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And that's when they caught it. Wow but the people that caught it. The guy works for the university. He and his wife have season tickets. And then every game they bring an american flag. I love that. Thank god because they used they. They were underneath the cat and they opened up the american flag. Elka an emergency blanket to catch it and sure enough at worked out at broke the cat's fall and then cat lady did safely. And then the the the ultimate closing moment to make it the perfect story. They saved the cat's life. Turns right around and it's punches. The guy right in the head Did you see grabbed him in the chest and the guy's like oh you see his eyes to bulge out of his head like get this damn thing off or they catch it. He holds it like simba. Crowd place went to catch maxim tries. A clause is out and then the cat form. Put the poor thing. Can you imagine how scared that poor cat was all that noise just almost just filled with death so i don't think how does that work in lives. The cat doesn't officially lose a life right now. Well i don't even have to fall. And then i well he did fall so i think he only has like six left. Okay or is it nine life. I don't know how many lives nightline the nine lives. so he's got eight left all right. I guess account after that either that or he gained a couple because he gets saved. I never really was a miraculous safe. Would he have survived. Had the flag not drop. I think it depends on what it would have fallen on. Can you imagine if nobody saw it happened just fell in. Somebody's head frightening. Would that be you come when it happened watching the game. You're attacked by a cat. All these animals getting in these stadiums. What i wanted to seems like there's an animal a week Speaking of stadiums. I think the editing is done. It's taken hours to edit out all the f. bombs oh dear multiple like over ten college football stadiums chanting. F- joe biden. Yeah that's not a good sign for them not good not good at all. We got that and didn't take britney spears long to get hooked up. What is it with her and young guys to stop this nonsense. She's at cougar. Now that's coming up next little morning. Show this gen bill. We've got bill o'reilly warm it up but first traffic and weather together. What's going on. Daiki caccia very much south florida. Morning show is jen. This diener a bill got more news top of the hour. Hey speaking of weather. Where did this nicholas storm. Come from that was He was just kind of hanging out in the goal. It was a blob and listen bone. I'm a tropical storm and i'm going go dump. They say up to twenty inches of rain on texas and possibly louisiana which does not need anymore rain. I didn't like the sound of that at all. It's i just didn't pay attention to it. They had the other blob. That kind of came ashore and right you know that moved away not the big storm but in this i only saw nicholas this morning. Yeah showed up. I think he reformed yesterday. Its bid it came out at really out of nowhere is an amazing. How many storms form in the gulf mexico never mind the ones coming off africa and the one the weather. The water is so warm. They formed quickly. It's kind of scary. So i don't know any more rain than hopefully it's like do much damage. No doubt about it How about this kind of overshadowed in the whole Weekend of college football pro football which was great to see full stadiums. And all this other stuff you know all the nine eleven events. There are several in florida's well of course in governor onto santa's at them. He used the opportunity to absolutely drop the hammer on joe biden. I didn't see this until sunday night. Did you see this. No they asked him. Some reporter asked him even though he's at the nine eleven event Joe biden's not saying you by name but we all know who he's talking about with the mask mandates because remember. They got another win. The state did on friday. Here's the first part of what to santa said but listen to the second part to why would you say generally what you're taking action as unconstitutional that threatens the jobs of the people in my state many many thousands a job. I'm standing for them. We're going to protect their jobs against federal overreach. Okay that's one thing. Wow but then jin. This is the strongest statement of ever heard to santa. Say about biden. Here he comes from washington. Dc instituting unprecedented mandate which even his own people have acknowledged in the past is not constitutional. That's thought leadership. And i think the problem i have with joe biden more than anything. This guy doesn't take responsibility for anything. Oh he's so right about that boy. That's a strong statement. I it but he's right and it's about time somebody at least in in his position said something like that in l. a. the afghanistan thing amazing. How quickly that just disappeared. But i assume somewhere along the line. One of those generals will go down for it. It won't be biden's fault In the mass mandate not his fault. Ill blamed foul cheeks right. He'll blame you. Know my buddy there show linski. And i can't stand that woman Or he'll blame. Somebody happens all the time. Oh it's not his fault that horrific jobs report week before last will lower-than-expected. We inherited this. You really didn't. Yeah it's a or it's trump's fault it's like okay. When are you going to start taking. You'll take responsibility by the way for raising taxes through the roof By the way it looks like mansion is Not gonna support that three and a half trillion dollar human infrastructure being billed back america better or whatever the hell it is and they have some other democrats bailing on it too. I can't remember who that is by. Now here's the thing they the house is saying. You don't give us the three and a half trillion dollar package to throw on top of the one and a half trillion dollar package. None of it's going to pass while so now they're they're playing hard ball and i'm like okay. Nothing's going to happen folks. Yeah that may may roll on forever. They wanted to swamp. But did you see the tax increases people from that. Make a lot of money. They're going to go up to almost forty percent. I'm like oh my god wow capital. Gains tax will go up five percents. That's not good. If you're selling a house no you know what in that doesn't just affect the one percent. That's somebody selling the house trying to retire and downsize right and then all of a sudden the profit you were gonna make going into the smaller house. Well there goes that because we have to pay capital gains taxes l. and corporate tax hikes by the way had that before twenty six and a half percent from twenty one percent but biden has been thrown around twenty eight percent. So you're gonna go up seven percent on a corporate tax rate. What do you think is going to pay for that. In the long run us public's has to pay an extra eight percent in taxes or kohl's or macy's or starbucks. What do you think is to pay for it not them. The customer will pass those lack of savings on to the consumer. That'll be it. You know what even walmart's gonna do it. Oh by the way speaking of walmart talk. I'm going off track stan here. Sorry my mind's wandering at all blends in that's okay. They gave everybody. You know that big race you know what they just took away bonuses. Do they really see you later. Bye yup just took him right off the board. Nobody gets a bonus anymore because we raised hourly wages. Everything is tied in together. It all has an effect is. It's like the example. You always bring up. They raised to fifteen alderson. It was literally the next day that was announced. I went into a walmart and no one was working like it. Was you know one cashier open. I'm like wow wonder what changed. Oh yeah yeah. They raised their rates to fifteen sixteen bucks an hour. Managers get twenty something bucks an hour now. Which i'm not saying. They don't deserve but eventually walmart isn't going to lose money. Course the not targets not gonna lose money no. Does you know like at my walmart. That i go to. There's eight checkout line self-checkout lines and one woman who just wanders from checkout when you got problems all the time and it's always the potatoes to me and it's like come on they does they. Don't scan the sticker like worse. I damn sticker and he got try to pull it in and sake doesn't doesn't register. It's the potatoes. I always prefer to try. Try to go to a person you know. There's some weird little item. You can defiant walmart. I know not mine not early in the morning. There's never a cashier open man then again. I'm.

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