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But i know we're gonna talk about f. One later. And every time. I think about africa. I think about like the access. You get to these guys through the netflix series. And all that stuff and how much more interesting would would ricky. If we got to see a little bit of what was going on over the past year. You know what i mean. If like i mean i don't blame him and i wouldn't allow any more access than i had to if i was him. But man it'd be great to see like what's the struggle a look like what's it like. What are you working on with a new coach. What's going on. And maybe that's just some of that is just a lack of wooden attended media and that stuff. It's like i would love to have humanized this category a little bit. Though that's energy you're exactly right. But that's i think the f one or something like that. I guess it's dictated by the league. So you kind of have to do it. But i'm in no way suggesting the should he should open up the door camera crew for no reason but like i'm just saying as a fan man be great if we had that not from rookie from you know every player the fact that the tour hasn't done anything twenty four seven hard knocks drive to survive. Vein is like like what are you doing. You've been asleep at the wheel for a decade as funny after watching the formula one race. Today they give you you know when something crazy happens. You know fifteen seconds later. They've got the audio of the racer and the team talking to each other. And it's so engaging and at one point during the round kind of half in half out watching it and like i got i thought i heard the little sound that it makes. When they're going to do that audio i turn my head. I'm like oh they on audio. And then i remember like no. They don't anyone course audio out there. why would they. Why would i get my hopes up for that. What what. You guys heartstrings. Moment of the year. I think this is your category. What do you pull in for. I had women's british open sophia. Shortlist that i mean. That was his as high drama. I think is in. Golf is year just have watching her. Come in you know learning the story. I will not pretend to know that. I i knew much of you know won't pretend to say that. I knew of her backstory. Coming in but Knowing that she missed out. Lpga status by stroke basically had to grind it out on the cactus tour got into the event one of the events in toledo and just kind of like slowly built her way into this event and i think showed up ranked like three. Oh four three oh six or something in the world and then goes on a major. I mean that was just. It was awesome seeing her battle off. Just everything all that context seeing her. Just hold on that back. Nine was fucking awesome and then hearing around. The podcast was great too great interview. Thank you. I'm going to go a different direction. Although i i'd chris kirk shortlist when classic after all he's been through coke rock winning after all but one there was one story and was the very very beginning of the year. A lot of people probably forgot about this. I hope to say what i am. Tommy gainey winning in the von surely after getting pinched in operation santa's nautilus in polk county florida for solicitation of a prostitute. Trying to get a bjp daham kinda neutralizes. Mind a lot. I mean what what underdogs. He didn't even acknowledge it. Fellas and it was like this. This million pound offer say does dottie lists. Sheriff is that is something. I forgot about favorite incident. That i forgot about god. That's a grateful. Mine was kind of going for the funny angle and that just like totally just dunked online. But patrick reed overcoming adversity. You course willingly different juicy mexico. After all he went through You know australia. In the bahamas. That was just unfair. you know avalanche. That was slung on him Choice but to pay all the whole occasions over the years talked on the right right side of it was just amazing to see that i also had a more serious when jim herman winning windham and that was unbelievable and really fun to watch all right next up. We got four more here person of the year kind of like time. Per time's person of the year believe deejays most newsworthy etc. This is like hitler was personally your one year of course of course so it doesn't have to be a positive can be a very very negative person so i had to. I'd omar your st. And i'd love to hear the case for each omarosa two week winning streak right now on the club pro circuit. How you're in one the club pro championship. This year got into the pga championship just to just taking money. Out of actual club pros malls and bryson bracing code circuit. Some of them are far forced there and then you know bryson just doing everything that bryson did i was gonna say. It's either co veterans. Bryson i don't i don't know if you take your pick but i mean bryson was the story of the year in gulf. He saved golf content for this current year he made tiger seem like an afterthought it was the most interesting thing going on every week. We tiger wasn't after thought he was. But i'm saying like you didn't even care. That tiger ended up as like is bracing in the field this week Feel free to add to this list of things. I have In case i've forgotten any sure. I did almost was going to look every your list. I'm glad you brought it. I added. I got a kind of accumulated but gain a million pounds became the longest hitter in the game. He fought some ants. He made a ten. He asked for the manager of the pga tour. He called out kept his abs- he cooked bacon shirtless. He made biro videos. Said he wants to live to one hundred and thirty yelled at a camera for videoing him yelled at another cameraman for taking pictures of him. Had his caddie block cameraman muirfield village. Berated rules official won. The us open teased with a forty eight inch driver at augusta and then complained about not feeling well at augusta after downing eight to ten protein day. We haven't researched much. But i haven't seen much follow up on the price and not feeling well getting a bunch of blood work done. But that's neither here nor there really hippo home. that's true yeah. I mean i think it's it's bryce and no no doubt that's it. That's a very thorough there. A-list who is the. You're sleeping giant. I had a question. Is it too lame to pick rahm. Because i think he he's seems like the guy to me and if it's not rum i think it's bryson right. I mean i think like this questions are all giant. This question to me is basically who is who has just year the takeover game right and i think it's kind of down to those two and you know of course rory in brooks and jt and dustin and all those guys too. But i just if. I had to put my money on two guys. It'd be one of those guys. So if i had to put it on one of those two i guess it would be rahm at this point interesting to see. I thought about going back to also gone back to brace in just wanted to add like big. Disappointment was actually bryson. Not playing better at augusta because i think it would have forced their hand a little bit more and brought some of the distance stuff a little bit more forefront until april..

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