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We will trickle into the normal day period while stock start talking to the teams in europe middle east and the americas and then later in the evenings. I'll go back to talking with some of the folks in asia to make sure i get a little bit more time with them before i in my day. So yeah it's definitely nuanced with the different time zones but it's been pretty effective so far let's talk about how effective it's fading because of you and your teams have done some pretty amazing work. You wanna talk about it. yeah. I obviously have. This will if that no one person can can do everything. And you have to lean on your teams to really thrive and i. I love the analogy of all the different teams being the balloon. That's gonna lift the whole or up and that's sort of like how i've treated each of the different teams in the region so i've been fortunate to see innovation from all the different regions within marketing. And some of my favorites. Obviously once we hit on that insight earlier on starts on tiktok which is sort of our campaign theme it opened up a whole array of different possibilities on how people could interpret that and bring that to life. I think we've obviously seen trends. That have sparked on the platform and how we've been able to bring that to life pretty quickly. Most people remember from twenty twenty ocean spray and nathan apodaca collaboration where he just long boarding down the road listening fleetwood mac and the zinc into that while drinking ocean spray. That's definitely like a a moment that we love. But like looking back there were collaborations with partners like airbnb done stuff with postmates and this idea of bringing a taste of tiktok to people when they least expect it is sort of been one of the driving forces for the marketing team globally and delivering that in unique ways. You know whether it's in the nba finals or whether it's the inside the postmates app or when you're on airbnb looking at different experiences like we've definitely been able to bring a lot of that to life of the last year and even on a on a campaign level being able to not only bring it starts on tiktok life learn on tiktok which is something that i don't think people realize that you're able to do on. The platform was another thing that we were very proud of in excited to see happen. And i want to dive into this. Learn on tiktok. 'cause i'm learning through you lot and before you do that though there's one thing we didn't actually note upfront. That i think is interesting to note here. Is that it tiktok. You have two different marketing departments right one which is focused on brands and advertising but one is focused on consumers and you're really driving the consumer side of the businesses outright. Yes so in my role. It's it's basically all the communications and messaging to consumers like the broader audience. We still work. Collaboratively with the global business marketing team and the hope obviously is breast a show up as a united front and showcase the power and the value of the brand not only consumers but also to other brands. That might be looking to advertise the platform. But there's definitely a distinction within the organizations that.

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