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Of another covert 19 relief stimulus package out of Washington, not much movement on that just yet, But of course, we'll certainly keep you posted Just because you can't celebrate Thanksgiving like you want to does not mean you cannot celebrate it at all. WBC's Karen Regal spoke with a Thanksgiving legend from Melrose. Scott McCall usually cooks for days to make Thanksgiving dinner for the strangers he host every year. He started doing this 35 years ago when he was alone on Thanksgiving this year. Well, it's different. But Scott isn't the type to abandon Thanksgiving. He has developed covert 19 contingency plans. Take Disposable kin. Ham, and you would cook a turkey in I put a gift card in it to the grocery store. It will pay for the turkey and then in that pan along with the gift God goes at Thanksgiving prayer written by somebody that would have come to the dinner in short for another was all the fixings. So how do you handle all this stuff with limited contact? Operate out the window in Melrose. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio President, Trump is pardoning his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Who was convicted of lying to the FBI about his contacts and other connections with Russia. House Democrats have since responded. A speaker Nancy Pelosi, slams Trump's decision, calling it an act of grave corruption and embrace an abuse of power. But the Justice Department says the Flynn pardon is obviously inappropriate use of the president's power. Sources say Trump is planning more pardons. Again. That was a B C's Elizabeth Chelsea reporting and aims very man is dead after police say he ran his SUV into a tree last night. The accident happened on foreign 95 in Merrimack, just south of exit. 53. The man behind the wheel was taken to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The man's name has not been released, and police are saying the investigation into the crash is ongoing. It's to await wanna check in now with Bloomberg for the latest in business news this year, amid the pandemic department stores facing More pressure to get Americans into the holiday spirit. Bob Fibs, CEO of the retail doctor, see similarities with the past very much like the fifties. I think the closest one I would say if people were shot coming out of the war and merchants head to find a way with parades and with windows and other ways to get people to forget that and to come in. And to shop department stores were adapting to a host of curtailed traditions. May cease has expanded curbside pick up another e commerce offerings at sister chain. Bloomingdale's customer service will remain a hallmark of the brand. But much of it is moving online gone or the chocolate samples and the beauty makeovers fibs. It says retailers. First obligation is to their employees and then to their customers who this year are looking for an escape, even if things have to be Different. I think you still have to understand People shop who are hopeful and people who are afraid will not be in a store. I'm Gina Serve 80 Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio..

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