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The thing we as to find a solution to this i'll tell you what the solution will not be south playing thursday football that you forget it you've got thursday football for the rest of your life now i know why our dollar signs dollar science i know like awful and and by the way our second point two you mentioned something about uh down in florida about raising money what about young carlos dan for the miami marlins yes we're talk to you i was talking football at that point i yes giancarlo was another one that could do i don't know if i don't jungle has that personality you know he doesn't have that outgoing it's hard to be not just a superstar chart divide not just a superstar but the superstar with the outgoing personality that's willing to put himself out there joe strikes me as a much quieter guy than jj true but yeah i mean if he if he gets the truth rallied at miami along with tampa bay jacksonville um you know he's got a broaderbased you could now reach baseball orpo he got basketball down there and you got hockey players down there too you have a broader scope baby go out there and and just rustle up some people baby get i don't be realizes but jj got some other sports in say tests to israel oh no i ha i hear yonder have just how can i won't get you caught it on carlo or anybody in florida could help those people out you and they answer your question real quick uh you were mentioning the 24 no street buy gold they compared to the cleveland indians young i the indian street wi fi ars great thanks rick because gold that'd be a product it's got awful while evasive it's it's not because it's gone awful is because you could have a couple of guys dominate you can't have any baseball you get hot and the three whole video pitch around you you throw to hear it tonight guess what you're not pitching for another four days ace five days it's a little different eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four two two seven heads notes here foul took the chicken way out today at say why he should be ashamed summit up but first the latest sports update with jay berman.

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