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Into the west the mass pike westbound slow going through Sturbridge into Brimfield with an ongoing work selling out after I. eighty four miking with WBZ's traffic on the threes partly cloudy skies as we head into the evening tonight temperatures about sixty of the city mid fifties in the suburbs selling clouds tomorrow highs to gamble climbed close to eighty though staying in the low seventies near the coast some clouds tomorrow night low sixty two sun and clouds on Wednesday highs near eighty more humid Thursday breezy with some sun chance of some showers or thunder showers temperatures near eighty it is seventy eight degrees right now in Boston well today's the day but a local businesses and restaurants seven waiting for Chris father tells us re opening is phase two of the state's covered nineteen recovery gets underway restaurants in the bay state could begin offering dine in services with just one cavea patrons must be seated in the outdoor areas and with other safety restrictions ended here in state health guidelines retail stores hotels child care and youth sports can all welcome the public back today if all goes well like phase one residents of the Commonwealth have this to look forward to step two in phase two the start of which will be determined based on continued improvements in public health metrics will allow restaurants to serve guests indoors close contact personal services like nail salons massage therapy and tanning salons secretary Mike Camille Leo tells us case three is next which could start as soon as June twenty ninth Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio mayor Walsh hoping people don't let up on the precautions they are taking now that more restrictions have been lifted in the Commonwealth for me to still work from home as much as possible we're asking people to wear face coverings in public washing your hands cleaning surfaces phase one into now today retail outlets in child care facilities potentially take canceled or dining is gonna start so we would be doing everything we can to support some of these businesses so as they re open they can try and and and and recoup some of the losses of the experience has been a tough a tough you know ten weeks here for a lot of businesses in in four and four people quite honestly after months in the summer saying almost fourteen weeks it's been a long time the young athletes and their coaches excited to get back on the field phase two of the re opening in Massachusetts calls for a phased in resuming of outdoor youth sports they can hold practices but competitive tells us no games several out until phase three the first practice for the Southend youth athletic association in new Bedford will be held Saturday that can't come soon enough for league president Jason Alameda work started again I just have been cooped up for quite some time so it'll be nice to.

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