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They thought may exonerate Luis Aparicio's attorneys filed a motion to stay resent his execution based on the fact that they said the murders were early similar to resent his his motorcyle Porandar the victims had been bludgeoned to death. They happened near railroad tracks and a time when resent is was the lodge. I mean that stems directly from us fighting and insisting that they try to keep on hill Torino alive. So that he could confess to these murders, and or any other murders that he had committed. But the motion failed. Rick Perry who'd been the governor of Texas in two thousand and was governor when resent was executed signed the death one. This is the same Rick Perry whose current in the Trump administration Peri oversaw more executions than any other governor in US history. And by two thousand and thirteen Texas has become the first state to execute five hundred people since the death penalty was reinstated in the US in the seventies. At that point. There were so many executions. There was one or two executions every week. I just don't think that they wanted to mess with it. And I don't think they wanted to take the time or the energy or the effort to look into it. They wanted him dead. They add the whole world hated him resentatives executed in June two thousand and six how did you feel when you heard, you know, I was devastated. I was absolutely devastated. Because I thought for sure that unhinged. Maturity Norris and these had murdered. Three girls. We go and is call. So she could take me to the locations involved. Yeah. Just pull over right here. Oh, yeah. She said the railroad track from the family home is about half a mile. We're on the freight train track. Now. So I'm sorry. I'm just a little frazzled. I just remember that for years after these murders occurred that every time I heard this train whistle go buy it. Just jolted me out of my sleep, just a real painful place to be because if he did do this. How close it is to our neighborhood. How close it is to our home slowed the trains come come through off. They come by very slowly, they they they have to turn their they generally, you know, stopped through downtown or go, very very, slowly, they're long trains or slow trains, and this is where he did a lot of killing. We continued on drive around boughten hills and Delia showed me the house where the murders took place, and this is it right here. On the day of the trial that this gentleman came up to me. And he said my father saw a scrawny Mexican walk walking down the street that day. And I said why didn't he tell somebody? Why didn't he call the police, and he said he was afraid to get involved. So, you know, my brother is anything, but scrawny, so at least we have some eye witness of a possible culprit, you know, and of course, Montigny Noah's thin wiry. Six. And we actually came and knocked on all of these doors to see if we could find a family that said that they saw a scrawny Mexican man walking down this street around seven thirty AM that day the day of the murders. And we could not find find them..

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