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Would you like 25 plus years of life to the machine, and they're the only ones that can say that So much better. All that comes with the name speak Queen. Really? Okay. And there are you don't see advertising for speech when they don't do that, okay? On. They don't even advertise on this blumen radio show that we're on. Okay, but still, I owe it to every consumer listening to tell them to inform them off the best machine, according to 99 out of 100 service technicians in this country. The same name. Speak Queen comes up all the time. So they goes. They make a high capacity machine, too. They make the same machine for your home that they have in the laundromats for the last 100 years. Okay, Who? Who sells these machines? I don't recall seeing those that you know the normal plants stores. You. You go into the website and look for appliance speed Queen dealers. And where do you live in one. And mourn, You'll find a dealer around you there. And you'll find a speed queen and I'm telling you some I know this, okay? I know this. My wife whose meticulous my darling Valerie is the best homemaker there is in the world. She loves her speed Queen washing machine. Okay, then. I have one comment about. I know you were used to work with the attorney general, quite a bit on fraudulent appliance deals. And I command you for doing that for all those years, And then one more thing. I know you were hooked up with a manner and we have We have an old Manner, microwave and this thing is built like a tank. It weighs must be like £65, and it's still going radar range. It's a radar range, isn't it? Yes, yes. No, uh Tell yourself my We moved from Northville toe where we're at now, here four years ago, we had Valerie had a gradual sale or so to college I had at original 1971 72. A man a radar range. I had it with a cost 850 bucks back Then I had a sign on a $25. Nobody bought it. I have to give it to this woman. Get rid of it, okay, And it's still worked. That's very nice of you to call. Hey, it's a great machine that stainless steel inside. It's easy to clean. I have no complaint that is well made machine. Thanks for calling Dan. You'll have a great day, sir. You too. Take care. We've got another 15 minutes ahead of us. It's 7 44 on Saturday, November 21st and the next segment of.

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